Bandung Great Sale 2016: Shop and Eat in Cool and Romantic Bandung


Brace yourself! Bandung , capital city of West Java province is inviting shopaholics, fashionistas, and discount hunters to join in a massive shopping extravaganza called the Bandung Great Sale 2016 scheduled to take place from 10th September to 9th October 2016. The event forms part of Bandung’s 206th anniversary Celebrations which fall on 25th September 2016.

For a full month, the city of Bandung will definitely be a heaven for shopping enthusiasts with discounts and bonuses galore on offer at numerous Shopping Malls, Department Stores, factory outlets , Distros (independent brand outlets), family recreation parks , entertainment centers, restaurants, cafes, hotels, traditional markets, and a whole range more.

“The Great Sale in Bandung will be absolutely Special. From luxurious malls to cuankie (meatball soup) carts, from hospital services to salons, all will offer discounts. Therefore, almost every business in Bandung will participate in this spectacular discount fiesta. That is the essence of the Great Sale ” confirmed popular Bandung Mayor, RidwanKamil , as quoted from kompas.com.

Situated just a mere 2 hours’ drive or rail trip from the capital city of Jakarta , the city of Bandung offers extraordinary deals for shoppers. Home to Indonesia's many textile factories, the city of Bandung offers a large number of factory outlets where Jakarta shoppers and now also tourists from neighboring Malaysia and Singapore to regularly flock to Bandung to find the latest trendy apparel at reasonable prices. You may be overwhelmed with the large number of Factory outlets or distribution stores (known as Distros) dotting the main Dago avenue (now called Jalan Ir. H. Juanda), along Jalan Riau (officially kown as Jalan R.E. Martadinata), or at Jalan Setiabudi. Meanwhile, Jalan Cihampelas is the favorite street to buy jeans-and by the way, the street is also famous for the many stores selling all kinds of crispy tid-bits to bring home to colleagues and relatives. Many of these outlets are housed in beautiful colonial homes, for which Bandung was once famous.
In Bandung, you will also find leather goods, from the reasonably priced to branded goods, made here in Bandung. You will find a large variety of handbags and shoes in all shapes and sizes. While there are many in the city, -most popular are "Diaz" and "Elizabeth", while the suburb of Cibaduyut specializes in shoes and leatherware.
If branded fashions and exclusive factory outlets are not for you, you can still find some of the city’s finest products and the sensation of old fashioned shopping style which involves the interactive art of Bargaining at some of the whole sale centers such as at Pasarbaru Trade Center (PBTC) . Here, you can browse through vast selections of fashion products ranging from daily popular clothing, such as T-shirts, shirts, pants, shorts, skirts, jackets, sweaters; trendy dresses or suits. PBTC is also known to hold a considerable collection of Muslim wear such as Hijabs, turbans, sarongs, Mukenah (shallat dresses for ladies), praying mats, and others. You can also find one floor that is solely dedicated to selling all kinds of fabrics.

And last but by any means not the least the range of cuisine on offer in Bandung is to die for. In Bandung you can still find those yummy old Dutch colonial beefsteaks and ice creams at places like “Tizzi” or along the colonial style Braga street; or taste the grilled fish, fresh vegetables and sambal specialty of the Sundalands.

Come to Bandung, shop and eat in cool and romantic surroundings.

For more information log on to: http://www.mybandung.id/greats ale/ .

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