Embraced by The Lush Beauty of Nature


Payakumbuh is the capital of the Limapuluh Kota Regency. Covering a total area of 80.42 Km squre, it is recognized as the second largest city after Padang in West Sumatra. The town is made up of 3 subdistricts, they are: West Payakumbuh, East Paykumbuh, and North Payakumbuh. Payakumbuh is marked with megalithic stones found in various places within and around the town which date back to the pre-historic era.

The origins and historical account of these stones are unknown, however they prove that Payakumbuh has been inhabited since ancient times. As the heart of the indigenous Minangkabau culture of West Sumatra, the town is also home to the traditional Randai that combines martial art, dance choreography, and music. The Randai performance is usually accompanied by the traditional sounds of the Talempong and the Saluang which produce distinctive Minangkabau tunes.


Get There

There are a number of public transportation that can take you from Padang to Payakumbuh. The town also lies close to Bukittinggi. However, for your convenience you may want to rent a car from Padang. The trip will take approximately 2.5-3 hours. Payakumbuh is also accessible from Pekanbaru in the Riau Province.