Riau Islands



Kepri is the short and popular name of Kepulauan Riau, which in English means ‘Riau Islands’ or ‘Riau Archipelago’. It is a chain of over 1,796 islands located in the western part of Indonesia, bordered by Singapore and Malaysia. The capital city of Riau Islands is Tanjung Pinang, and the largest city in the province is Batam. Riau Islands province also have five regencies ; Anambas, Bintan, Karimun, Lingga, Natuna.

The Tropical Gems

Riau Islands holds many wonders for you to explore, from the fresh and tasty seafood, to the exciting sea exploration. World class accommodation and leisure facilities are flourishing in Batam, Bintan and in the several nearby luxury private islands. One of these destinations could be your next you stop to find serenity and tranquility.  Do explore the colorful cultural heritage in Penyengat island and don’t miss visiting, one of the natural wonders at the scenic Natuna Geopark.


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