The spell of picturesque, peaceful and prosperous harbor

Bitung is the harbor of Manado city. It's located in the north eastern peninsula of the island of Sulawesi that forms the Province of North Sulawesi and facing the Moluccas Strait. The administrative region of Bitung covers the foothills of Mount Dua Sudara and a stretch of sea that includes the island of Lembeh, whose clear waters are a paradise for divers. Meanwhile, the port of Bitung is kept busy with the loading and unloading of cargo, trading and as well as education. Not far beyond the town of Bitung lies an amazing array of exotic fauna and flora. Nearby, the Tangkoko Nature Reserve is habitat of the rare tiny tarsiers, cute little monkeys with big saucer eyes that are now the icon of Bitung. While at sea, the diving spots around the Lembeh Strait contain some of the most stunning tropical ocean life. It is this cosmopolitan fusion of Bitung, its wealth in sea produce, flora and fauna on land and in the sea that have made Bitung a flourishing international port for trade and shipping, eco-friendly in tourism development and in step with the rhythms of today’s globalized world.


Get There

The distance between Manado, capital of North Sulawesi and the port of Bitung is approximately  44 km. If you do not  wish to travel by private car, there are public buses available that serve the Manado-Bitung route, starting from Terminal Paal Dua or the Karombasan Bus Terminal. 

You can rent a car in Manado with varying costs. Bitung is also accessible by ferry. These ply the following routes: Bitung-Pananaru, Bitung-Siau, Bitung-Melanguane and  Bitung-Ternate.


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