Pangkalan Bun

A Special City with a Nostalgic Feeling

Pangkalan Bun is a pleasant town on the Arut River. 'Whoever drank from the Arut River will surely return to Pangkalan Bun,' says a classic saying for those who visit the town for the first time. The phrase illustrates that certain feeling of nostalgia that one day one will return to visit the town. Its typical riverside life together with heritage sites along the banks of the river makes Pangkalan Bun special. It serves as gateway to visitors who wish to venture into the exotic Tanjung Puting National Park. It has The Orangutan Care Center Quarantine (OCCQ) which is the facility for taken care of wounded Orangutans and those confiscated by the Natural Resource Conservation Office (BKSDA).

In this quarantine facility, visitors can interact with charming orangutan babies. The traditional kelotok and getek boats as well as speedboats of every shape and size passing by on the Arut River which you can use to cruise and venture along the long and wide river. About one hour drive from downtown Pangkalan Bun, a relaxing scene awaits at the Kubu Beach. There are also areas which are perfect spots for fishing. Along the shores, visitors can also watch and took part in the activities of the fishermen.


Get Around

You can take Taxis to/from Iskandar Airport, and opelet or public transportation rides around the town. Minibuses to Kumai leave from the terminal near the market at Jalan P Antasari Street.

However the best way to get around Pangkalan Bun is obviously not over land, As the city sits on the Arut River, the best way to get around it is on board traditional klotok or getek boats.


Get There

By Air

You can now fly direct to Pangkalan Bun, entry gate to the Tanjung Puting Orang Utan National Park from the Iskandar Airport. 

By Sea

The Kumai Seaport, about 35 minutes from Pangkalan Bun serves passengers ships from Java, Freighters, Bugis Phinisi, and Madura Schooner.  Pelni Boats connect Kumai with Semarang through a 24 hours trip and Surabaya through a 26 hours trip.

By Land

From the province capital, Palangkaraya, an overland trip by car will take approximately 8-10 hours. The roads and bridges from Palangkaraya to Pangkalan Bun are relatively in fair condition. Buses from Palangkaraya take about 12-14 hours.


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