Get Ready for All-Around Bangka Belitung, Special for G20 in 2022

Enter the otherworldly tropical realm as you step into Tanjung Kelayang, discover the historic lighthouse at the coastline of Lengkuas Island, and admire the abandoned white clay mine in The Kaoline Lake.

Belitung Island has all it takes to sweep you off your feet. Dine by the beach and explore the local culinary such as Soto Lontong and Gado Gado Lontong Belitung for a full-packed leisure experience.

Find many trip ideas for your journey to Belitung Island as you wait for the special trip packages here.

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Fun packages for you

Tour Package 3D2N Leisure Belitung (Deluxe)
3D2N Leisure Belitung (Deluxe)
This 3-day package is ideal to see Belitung Island with its vicinities, we will enjoy the sightseeing of Tanjung Pandan seeing local stilt house, the local museum, the beauty of Kaolin Lake, the highlight of this excursion will be the hopping islands seeing the nice beaches, exploring geo-site giant stone with beautiful shape, feel the snorkeling on crystal-clear sea water, also explore the hill sight with also geo-site giant stone and trekking to the top of the hill.
Max pax 8
Start From
IDR 4,290,000
Tour Package 4D3N Leisure Bangka (Deluxe)
4D3N Leisure Bangka (Deluxe)
This 4-day package is ideal to see Bangka Island with its vicinities, Bangka was known since the era of Sriwijaya (7th Century) who had already relationship with the Tang Dynasty (618 to 907 AD) plus the European (17th Century) and then during the tin mining era (18th century) of which the male Chinese workers assimilated with the native female made the culture so colorful combines with the nature itself. The icons are their beaches with geopark of giant rock, local and Chinese Buildings.
Max pax 8
Start From
IDR 4,730,000
Tour Package 5D4N Bangka Belitung (Deluxe)
5D4N Bangka Belitung (Deluxe)
This 5-day package is ideal to see both Bangka and Belitung Island. In Bangka we will explore the colorful culture while in Belitung we will see the natural beauty. First, we will explore the remote Bangka Hakka community with the nearby Chinese temple. Then in Belitung we will do island hopping, see the nice beaches, explore geo-site giant stones with beautiful shapes, feel the snorkeling on crystal-clear sea water, and trekking to the top of the hill with also geo-site giant stone.
Max pax 8
Start From
IDR 9,900,000