Incorporating elements of contemporary sophistication, unique themes and the power of social media marketing, today’s modern inns, the so-called Hip Hotels, are an elevated version of their predecessor. True to their name, hip hotels quickly gained popularity among those who are trendconscious – although its market is not restricted to the younger population. Scroll through the Bali hashtag on Instagram, and you’ll understand just how popular these places are. Among all the exciting places, there’s one, a favorite of those who are looking for an eco-friendly place, a sustainable hotel located in the Eastern region could be your home away from home. Boasting a unique architecture designed with the context of tropical climate in mind, you are invited to enjoy the beautiful outdoors from the comfort of your personal space. Evoking a sense of becoming one with nature, this hotel offers a sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of modern life. It’s a perfect place to get off the grid and experience the authentic life of Balinese village.