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Shopping in Makassar: Gold, Silks, Pearls and more


Makassar is one of Indonesia's greatest port cities that is definitely a trip worth taking.  As the largest city in east Indonesia, capital of South Sulawesi province and an air hub and sea trade center for the region,  you know this is defintely the place where you can spend and splurge away. Don't know where to go? We've summed up some of the best places for you to spend your money below.

For serious shoppers, Makassar is THE place to buy Gold accessories, hand-woven  Silk Sarongs, Pearls from Ambon and scrumptious Giant Crabs that can be packaged for you to carry on the plane home, but these latter you must order at restaurants.

Jalan Somba Opu (Somba Opu Street)

Somba Opu is the place to buy Gold, silks, pearls for yourself',  and souvenirs, trinkets or gifts for loved ones and others back home. Here you will find a row of gold and silver shops selling fine filigree work from Kendari in Southeast Sulawesi. Feast your eyes on precious and semi-precious stones mined in Kalimantan, fine woodcarvings from Bali, natural and cultivated pearls from the deep seas of Ambon and Papua and mother-of-pearl paintings. Also handicrafts and hand-woven cloths from the Toraja highlands.

Jl. Somba OPU
Ujung Pandang
Kota Makassar, Sulawesi Selatan

Toko Kerajinan Unggul

This is a one-stop shop for things to buy and souvenirs to bring home. Most items sold here are authentic and unique Makassar souvenirs, such as Makassar handicrafts and trinkets, clothes, fabric, to T-shirts, snacks and many more. Makassar is also popular for its Marquisa Syrup.

Jalan Patimura No.8
Kec. Makassar, Kota Makassar
Sulawesi Selatan

Trans Studio Mall Makassar

If you seek a more modern shopping experience, Trans Studio Mall Makassar is the city's latest, and trendiest shopping mall. It contains a lot of well renowned international and local brands of clothing, restaurants and more. Plus, it won't hurt to get some thrills at the venue's theme park.

Kawasan Terpadu Trans Studio
Jl. HM. Daeng Patompo Metro Tanjung Bunga
Kota Makassar, Sulawesi Selatan 90134

Aneka Sutra

This store probably has the most complete collection of genuine hand-woven Makassar silks.  Its unique and elegant designs and prints make this a favorite of tourists and locals who wish to buy authentic Sulawesi fabric.

Jln. Gunung Lompobattang no. 18-20
Makassar 90115

Pasar Butung/ Pusat Grosir Butung (Butung Market)

When you plan to buy things in bulk, Pasar Butung is the place to go. This is east Indonesia's largest market for buying products in bulk at a super low price. This market sells clothes, fabric, bags, shoes, accessories and many many many more. If you love to bargain, this will be your favorite market!

Jalan Pasar Butung
Wajo, Makassar
Kota Makassar, Sulawesi Selatan