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In this digital era, staying connected is an everyday need, anytime, anywhere. Whether it’s for business-related matters, keeping in touch with loved ones, updates in current issues or traveling pleasures, having an accessible online connection is a necessity.  In Indonesia, the Wi-Fi connection is available in many major public areas. Here is some useful info on Wi-Fi accessibility throughout public spaces in Indonesia. 

Do Indonesian Airports have Wi-Fi Connections?

Soekarno–Hatta International Airport is the primary airport serving the Jakarta metropolitan area on the island of Java in Indonesia. As reported by the Jakarta Post, the airport has recently made Wi-Fi accessible for all visitors in Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 of the airport with the Wi-Fi Corner facility. This Wi-Fi Corner is provided in cooperation with state-owned telecommunications company PT Telkom.

Most International airports in Indonesia provide Wi-Fi connection. For information on Wi-Fi connections in other airports, contact the local information desk at the airport once you arrived.

Do Indonesian Hotels have Free Wi-Fi?

Most major hotels in Indonesian cities have free Wi-Fi connection for its guests. Each are usually protected by passwords and the guest will obtain the password info when checking in the hotel. For smaller hotels in small towns, Wi-Fi connections are also commonly provided, but to be sure, you should check ahead prior to booking.

Do Indonesian Train Stations have Free Wi-Fi?

There are currently facilities that support Wi-Fi in a few stations in Indonesia’s capital city, Jakarta. However, PT KAI, Indonesia’s state-owned train company announced in 2018 that they plan to provide free internet connection installed on all trains gradually.

In February 2019, PT Kereta Commuter Indonesia (KCI), the local public transportation in Jakarta’s commuter line, has launched free Wi-Fi for passengers in stations and on its trains in the Jakarta-Bogor-Depok-Tangerang-Bekasi area. The service is available at 46 stations in Jakarta and followed by 37 stations in Greater Jakarta in March.

PT KAI will also expand the service to trains and stations outside Greater Jakarta, such as the Argo Parahyangan train with the Gambir – Bandung route.

Where Can I Find Free Wi-Fi in Indonesian Cities Public Areas?

Most public places in Indonesia’s major cities have Free Hot Spots for Wi-Fi such as malls, restaurants, café’s, tourist attractions, etc. However in public areas, they are not always secured networks, so you might want to be really careful and read the terms and conditions more thoroughly before signing in. 

How Can I Stay Connected All the Time in Indonesia?

If finding a Free Hotspot for Wi-Fi is less practical for you, you might want to opt for a Pocket Wi-Fi Rental. This way, you are sure to stay connected anywhere and anytime. There are plenty of rentals to choose from the net, where you can order the pocket size portable Wi-Fi online, and have the device mailed to you or arrange a pick up when you arrived in your Indonesian city destination.

Keeping in touch with the outside world is rarely a problem in Indonesia as mobile phones are a common thing that almost everyone owns. To get a local SIM card during your stay in Indonesia is a more economical and practical option. 

How to Get a Local SIM Card?

You could find SIM Card in airports where they held a number of local cell phone company providers booths for you to choose from such as Telkomsel, XL, Smartfren, 3/Tri, Axis, Indosat/IM3, etc. The prices vary for each provider starting from IDR 10,000. 

How to Register an Indonesian SIM Card?

Foreigners will need either their Passport, or KITAS, or KITAP (the last two is for visitors with a long term stay) to register the local SIM Card. The officer in the provider’s booth will guide you through the registration process for your SIM card.