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Banyu Pinaruh: Bali‘s Ritual of Cleansing one’s Inner and Outer Self


The beautiful island of Bali is not only blessed with astonishing nature but people around the world are also drawn here by Bali’s captivating culture and spiritual traditions that are still well preserved to this very day. One of these enchanting traditions will take place along some of the island’s most beautiful beaches when the Banyu Pinaruh ritual takes place on 22 January 2017.

Banyu Pinaruh is a ritual for self-cleansing performed by Hindu followers on the Island that takes place on Sunday after Saraswati celebrations.

Banyu Pinaruh: Bali‘s Ritual of Cleansing one’s Inner and Outer Self
Image by www.mantrahindu.com

On the day of Banyu Pinaruh, all Balinese head to beaches, rivers, springs or other water resources to cleanse themselves both physically and spiritually. The ritual starts at dawn around 05.30 in the morning just as the first rays of the sun begin to appear, when people start to walk to the beach as symbol of embracing the spirit and energy of a new day. Just like other rituals on the Island, there will be chanting of prayers as well as offerings of flowers and other gifts to the gods.


People then wade into the water to wash themselves, which is followed by the ritual of ‘kum-kuman’, meaning washing with holy water that has been made fragrant by various flowers that together have been blessed  by the priest.


Not only locals, but  everyone including tourists are welcome to join in this tradition. Aside from washing one’s physical body, Banyu Pinaruh is, moreover, intended to cleanse all negative thoughts and darkness that has remained in the mind and hearts, not only through the water but most importantly through the knowledge and wisdom imparted and celebrated during Saraswati day.


The Banyu Pinaruh ritual also features the tradition of drinking a local beverage called Racem. Uniquely, racem is a local drink which is also loved many international tourists.


This is your perfect opportunity to truly experience the magical spirit that is Bali. Be sure to rise early before dawn and join in this unique tradition held along some of Bali‘s best beaches that include Kuta, Sanur, Nusa Dua, MelastiPandawa Beach, and many more around Bali. 


Photo source: www.fabulousubud.com

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