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Weh Island

The Unparalleled Underwater Universe

Situated at the entrance way of the Malacca Strait, Weh Island is naturally untouched despite its small size and convenient access. It is another garden often forgotten. Diving in Weh Island is a well established recreational activity. Dive masters and dive instructors are ready to offer a variety of dive sites like the fabled Sea Garden in Rubiah Island. You'll find many delightful sea creatures, most notably manta rays, whale sharks, dolphins and sea turtles. Come and enjoy a swing on a shady hammock by the high tide hut in an island that many divers call it the unparalleled underwater universe. Although it is a small island, it gives you the sea experience and waterfall up in the rain forest as well.

Get Around

Minibuses are available, motorcycles and three-wheeled pedicab or becak are there to explore this island. For a more comfortable journey, you can also rent a car.

To explore Sabang and the beaches, nothing is more enjoyable than walking on foot, although taxis are also available.

Get There

From Banda Aceh, you can take a ferry in the morning in Ulee Lheue Sea Port and arrive in Gapang Beach. The trip will only take a couple of hours, or 45 minutes if you decide to ride a speedboat. Or if you're from Medan, you can go to Banda Aceh first by bus or plane. Traveling from abroad? Several airlines can be used as well to reach Banda Aceh. 


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Weh Island

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