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Gateway to Wonders of Central Sulawesi

Being the capital of the province, Palu is the gateway to any visit to the wonders of Central Sulawesi, although today flights are also available to the town of Poso, nearest point to visit Lake Poso, or to Luwuk, the airport for those wishing to dive in the amazing Togean Islands. This town Is backed by the Gawalise mountains to its west and the Rovigadi mountain range to its east and is fronted by a number of white beaches, including the Tanjung Karang and Taman Ria beaches, as well as the Kampung Nelayan or the Fishermen’s Beach. Tanjung Karang has beautiful crystal clear diving sites, while closer to shore the beach is popular for jet skiing or banana boating and other water sports. Further out to sea is Pulau Lingayan, which offers beautiful coral reefs, home to colorful tropical fish.


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There are no international flights to Palu. There are a number of domestic flights from Jakarta, Surabaya, and Makassar to Palu’s Mutiara Airport.

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