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The New International Conventions and Exhibitions Venue

Manado is the capital of the province of North Sulawesi and the second largest city on the island of Sulawesi after Makassar. This city is one of a kind in Indonesia with its stunning underwater landscape and great mountain panorama. The local people are known for their warm hospitality as well as for the mouth-watering cuisine and unique authentic culture. In the last two decades, tourism activities have grown significantly. The city has expanded its attractions not only to draw mainstream tourists, but also utilizes its natural splendors as a backdrop for meetings and conventions that come complete with improved access roads and expanded airport. In 2008, Manado hosted the World Ocean Conference, a prestigious international event that confirmed Manado not only as a world class diving destination but also as the center for marine science research. The event also marks Manado as one of Indonesia’s MICE destinations.


Get Around

There are taxis available, which are best taken from the hotels. The 'mikrolet' mini buses are your best bet. They have fixed routes and are not as crowded and are better organized compared to those in Jakarta.


Get There

You can reach Manado by airplanes with many major airlines goes to Manado. The Sam Ratulangi International Airport of Manado is able to receive wide-bodied aircrafts. Domestically, there are daily flights to Manado from Jakarta, Surabaya, Bali, Makassar, Papua and Balikpapan.

What They Say

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