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City on the Equator Line

There are several points of interest in Pontianak and its vicinity. One of the city’s icons is the Equator Monument at Sintang. The monument was built in 1928 to mark the spot at zero degree on the Equator. Considering the technology available in that year, the effort was a remarkable feat.

The Dutch explorer indicated the site with a simple pole and an arrow. Several renovations and improvements have taken place including the development of a dome in 1990 to protect the initial site. The monument today is five times larger than the original. Historical facts are presented within the monument and in the small museum.

Souvenirs are found at Pasar Souvenir or you may want to buy local products in local markets such as at Pasar Tengah, Pasar Sudirman, or Pasar Flamboyan. Most of the souvenirs are authentic as you see Dayak handicrafts, Equator Monument key chains or replicas, and Pontianak shirts and accessories.


Get There

Pontianak is accessible by air, sea, and land. Supadio Airport is the main airport connecting Pontianak with the rest of the cities in and outside Kalimantan. The sea port is at Dwikora where PELNI boats and ferries serve commercial and other industries in the city. 

For travelers coming overland from Brunei, Malaysian Sarawak and Sabah, the town of Entikong is the entry point. Most travelers leave from Kuching, Malaysia, and terminate at Pontianak. Buses are available each day. Comfortable 30-seater DAMRI buses regularly ply the Pontianak-Entikong -Kuching-Brunei Darussalam route. Pontianak-Kuching takes around 8 hours, with 2 rest stops on the way, while pushing on to Brunei, the journey takes one day and night.  

In Pontianak, transportation is quite convenient to get. Taxis are found everywhere, although the angkot has outnumbered taxis, operated by 8 different companies. Today, many companies offer cars for rent. Usually, these come in 7-seater minivans.


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