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Pangandaran is located on a peninsula on the south coast of West Java, about 91 km from the town of Ciamis, Pangandaran offers uniquely black and white sand, calm waved beaches and spectacular sunsets. This beautiful peninsula was once better known as a small fishing place. Pananjung beach, located at the western end of the peninsula, is an ideal place for family activities. Its calm waves will let you and your family swim around safely.

You can also bathe under the sun or simply just watch the enchanting panoramic view. Next to the beach is a forested hill, the dwelling place for many monkeys, deer, buffaloes, and other exotic animals. At the top of the hill is a beautiful waterfall which drops directly into the ocean.

The eastern coast is a paradise for Fresh Sea Food Lovers. Here, you can take your pick among many selections of restaurants and food stalls that offers freshly caught fish, squids, crabs, prawns, and others. At the south end of this restaurant line-up, is the fresh fish market where you can buy freshly caught fish and other sea food, and have them grilled or barbequed to your own liking. Pangandaran is a one stop complete experience.

Get Around

The best way to get around Pangandaran is on foot, since a walk on the beach and having your feet touch the sand offers its own sensation. You may also want to try to get around Pangandaran on a bike. There are a lot of bike rental services that offer various kinds of bicycles for rent, from the usual bike such as BMX or standard bike to the Tandem Bike that can take two or three persons. If you feel a bit tired after a long stroll, just call out becak a three-wheeled cart that can take you back to your Hotel or other places.

Get There

From Jakarta


Susi Air provides scheduled flights from Jakarta to Pangandaran. It's the fastest and most comfortable way to reach Pangandaran. There are daily flights from the Halim Perdanakusuma Airport in Jakarta to the Nusawiru Airport in Pangandaran.


When you take the direct bus, the trip takes around 7 hours. The fee depends on the bus company. A common way for reach Pangandaran is by bus. Buses leave nearly every hour from Jakarta’s Kampung Rambutan bus station towards Pangandaran. But not all busses drive direct to Pangandaran. With some buses you have to change the bus in Ciamis, Tasikmalaya or Banjar.

Rented Cars

It's also possible to rent a car with a driver in Jakarta. 

From Bandung


Susi Air also provides scheduled flights from Bandung to Pangandaran. There are daily flights from the Husein Sastranegara Airport.


With the bus, you can reach Pangandaran from Bandung’s Cicaheum bus station. Some buses drive directly to Pangandaran, while others are only direct to Ciamis or Banjar. From these bus stations, you may have to take other transportations to Pangandaran.



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