The Third Ulun Danu Beratan Culture and Art Festival 2016

13 Jun 2016

The normally quiet and serene Lake Beratan located towards the north of Bali, wellknown for its iconic graceful temple, will come alive in the next two months as the Third Ulun Danu Festival 2016 gets underway from 5th June to 14 August.  To be staged each weekend, on Saturdays and Sundays, the Ulun Danu festival presents a range of original Balinese dances from surrounding villages, cultural parades, and a culinary festival. Already on opening day it has drawn crowds from around the region and international tourists.  

Participated by 1,200 artists from throughout the district of Tabanan, the event promises rarely shown colorful dances such as the bunga sandat serasi, blegajut, gebongan and many more.

Besides organized to attract more visitors to this  northern area of Bali, the Festival is aimed at conserving local culture which in turn is expected to increase the welfare of the local population.

Located 1,200 meters above sea level the air here is cool, protected by looming mountains.  The Ulun Danu Beratan temple with its twin the Ulun Danu Batur temple at Lake Batur are Bali’s most important water temples that are specifically dedicated to the goddess of the Lakes which are the source for irrigation of the surrounding lush green paddy fields.

Officially opened by the Advisory Staff for the Economy and Tourist Destinations in the Ministry of Tourism, Mr Husein Alydrus promised that the event will continue to be supported  again next year by the Ministry.  

On his part, Bali Governor,  I Made Pastika urged the district government to clean up the surrounding access to Lake Beratan, reduce the use of speedboats on the lake since this destroys the inspirational serenity and beauty of Lake Beratan.

Lake Beratan lies 50 km. from the main city of Denpasar and lies on the main route to Bali’s northern coast. The Ulun Danu Beratan temple on Lake Beratan with its 11 tiers roofs – denoting it being of the highest order – is said to have been built since 1633.  



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