Samosir Lake Toba Ultra 2016 Running Race

18 Jul 2016

The vast Lake Toba in North Sumatra with picturesque Samosir Island in its center will be the site of yet another exciting running event when the Samosir Lake Toba Ultra 2016 takes place on 17th September 2016. Forming part of the Toba International Detour 2016 series of events along with the Greatest Caldera Ride, Toba in Harmony, Toba Gran Fondo 2016, and others, the event promises lots of excitement and fun for all participants.

Divided into categories of 5 km, 10km, 25km and 50 km, the race will take runners into the breathtaking beauty around the world’s largest caldera lake, through numerous captivating traditional villages, and on to Samosir Island and its amazing heritage sites. This is truly the race that will take runners right into the heart of North Sumatra’s Batak land to experience its spectacular beauty and cultural features.

A total of 1,500 participants including over 100 international athletes and many of the world’s best runners as well as running enthusiasts are expected to take part in the race.

At over 1,145 square kilometers, and with a depth of 450 meters, Lake Toba is the largest volcanic caldera lake in the world. Toba is the perfect place to come to relax and absorb some beautiful, almost untouched natural surroundings. It’s hard to imagine a more scenic place to come and enjoy hiking, swimming and boating, although once you arrive, it might be difficult to resist the anesthetizing effects of the lake. The cool clear water coupled with the relaxed atmosphere and friendly people are what draw visitors from all over the world to Toba.

Situated in the center of the lake, measuring 45 km by 20 km (almost the size of Singapore), Samosir Island together with its surrounding areas form the heart of Toba Batak culture. This is the perfect place to come and enjoy the legendary Batak hospitality. The island has many traces of ancient heritage including stone tombs and traditional villages, such as Ambarita which has a courtyard with stone furniture where in the old days convicts were tried and beheaded. Or visit Simanindo where traditional Batak ritual dances and music are performed. Here is where you'll be able to discover unique and ancient Toba culture. While at Tomok find mementos and typical Batak handicraft to take home, including the local ulos hand-woven materials.



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