Lampung Krakatau Festival 2017: “The Glory of the Lampung Crown”

10 Aug 2017

On 25th to 27th August 2017, the spotlight will turn to the remnants of the mighty Krakatau volcano in the Sunda Strait located between Java and Sumatra, when the Lampung Krakatau Festival 2017 gets underway. As the prime event of Lampung, - Sumatra's southern-most province- the festival is aimed to promote Lampung and all its wonders as one of Indonesia's top tourist destinations, carrying this year's theme: "The Glory of the Lampung Crown".

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Lampung Krakatau Festival 2017 will feature three main programs: Firstly, "Pesona Kemilau Sang Bumi Rawa Jurai (Lampung)" or the Sparkling Charms of Lampung (25th-27th August); Second, The Krakatau Tours (25th-26th August); and third, the Lampung Culture and Tapis Carnival (26th August 2017).

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The Sparkling Charms of Lampung will be highlighted with a range of activities that includes the official Opening Ceremony of Lampung Krakatau Festival 2017, a Tourism Expo, the Lampung Culinary Bazaar, Art and Cultural Performances, Photography Exhibitions of Lampung over the years, traditional children games, and more. Commemorating the world's historical eruption of the mighty Mount Krakatau on 26th August 1883, the Krakatau Tour will take the participants into an unforgettable journey back in time. The tour will commence at Kalianda and on to Sebesi Island (the nearest habitable island near Krakatau) before finally reaching the Krakatau Volcanic Islands to set foot on Mt. Anak Krakatau or the child of Krakatau which was ‘born' following the monumental eruption. Meanwhile, the Lampung Culture and Tapis Carnival will showcase the province's rich cultural attractions including the beautiful traditional fabric called Tapis.

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As explained by Governor of Lampung, M.Ridho Ficardo, the Lampung Krakatau Festival 2017 is aimed to attract over 30,000 domestic and international tourists to join in the festivities. He also added that the event is part of Lampung's efforts to optimize all the opportunities to attract tourists with improvements in accessibility to the province and attractions, and further establish the province as a top destination. "The Lampung Krakatau Festival 2017 is projected as an exciting tourist draw that will also serve as a media to promote Lampung by highlighting the well preserved traditional cultures of the province" said the Governor.

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Governor Ficardo further explained that the festival will also highlight the splendors of Lampung's many attractions such as the beautiful Tangkil Island and Mutun Beach in the Pesawaran Regency, the Wild Elephant Reserve at Way Kambas National Park, the amazing wildlife at Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park, Kiluan Bay and its many flying dolphins, the surfer's Paradise of Tanjung Setia Beach, and the underwater wonders of Pahawang.

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At the official launch of the Lampung Krakatau Festival 2017 at the Sapta Pesona Building – the Office of the Ministry of Tourism, on 7th August 2017, Minister of Tourism, Arief Yahya expressed his enthusiasm for the event and appreciated the commitment of Lampung Province to boost tourism. "The arrival of tourists to Lampung has increased 30% in 2016. International tourists rose from 115,000 to 150,000, while domestic tourists' movement has reached 7.5 million" confirmed Minister Arief Yahya.

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