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Latest Bali News You Need to Catch Up Now!

We know it’s been a while since you travel abroad due to the restrictions in many countries, but worry no more! There are many good news about Indonesia lately, especially if you are planning to visit Bali in the near future. What’s there for you? Let’s check it out.


1.  Bali Travel Restrictions

In order to support the recovery of the tourism industry, the Indonesian government has granted relaxations toward international travel regulations, such as:

      a.  Visa on Arrival and Visit Visa Exemption Policy

Based on the Circular Letter of the Directorate General of Immigration No. IMI-0549.GR.01.01 of 2022 concerning the Ease of Immigration to Support Sustainable Tourism during the COVID-19 Pandemic, the Indonesian government has decided to exercise the Visa Exemption Arrangement facility and Visa on Arrival (VoA) for tourism purposes effective from 5 April 2022. You can find the detailed information regarding this policy including the list of countries available for VoA through this article.

       b.  Quarantine-Free Policy

Yes, you heard it right. Now you can explore Bali freely without any quarantine restrictions. However, this policy only applies to those who:

a. Have received a complete dose of COVID-19 vaccine consisting of two doses and/or a booster (third) vaccine which are administered 14 days before departure.

b. Passed the COVID-19 symptom check upon arrival.

For further information regarding this quarantine-free policy, you can read this article. We need to remind you that if you plan to visit Indonesia, you still have to comply with the health protocols applied and keep practicing healthy habits such as wearing a mask in public places, implementing social distancing, and washing hands frequently.

       c.  Easier access with PeduliLindungi

Now you don’t need to fill out an E-HAC form as a requirement to enter Bali, because everything has been simplified in an app called PeduliLindungi. You only need to verify your COVID-19 vaccination status, download-install-fill in all the requirements on the PeduliLindungi app before departure. For more detailed information regarding this regulation, kindly check this article.


2.  Bali Tourism Attractions

There are many ways to savor the wonders of the Island of the Gods, but since Indonesia has been appointed as the official host for G20 Presidency 2022, we suggest you start exploring the ways of sustainable tourism, which will be one of the main themes of the summit.

Luckily, Bali is the most convenient destination for you to start learning and enjoying sustainable tourism. Rent a bike and explore the breathtaking lushness of Bali’s rice terraces, secret beaches, and waterfalls. Visit the tourism villages and rural areas and mingle with the people to learn more about their cultures. Buy some handcrafted souvenirs from local artisans to bring back home and tell the stories to your friends and families.

Furthermore, as a responsible traveler, you can also contribute to calculate and absorb your own carbon footprint in order to be more aware that whatever you do, you are still a part of nature. Exercising a more sustainable way in enjoying your holiday wouldn’t hurt, would it?


3.  Reason to Visit Bali Now

Honestly, if you’re reading this article, then we don’t need to tell you about this because most likely you have already been familiar with the worldwide reputation of Bali. However since you’re here now, we might as well remind you about things that make Bali so irresistible for everyone:


a. Hidden gems beneath the wondrous nature


Aside from all the popular attractions you might have heard before like Kuta, Legian, or Canggu, Bali still has more to unravel. Secret beaches, discreet waterfalls, and many others are there for those who are looking for a more quiet holiday that is further from the crowd and closer to the serenity.


b. The lively culture within the deeply-rooted traditions


Until today, Balinese still preserves its cultural heritages and carries on their traditions. There are many wondrous temples within the island where you can watch the act of sermon and learn the history from the architectural design. If you’re looking for a one-stop cultural destination that covers all the aesthetical and historical wonders of Bali, you can go to Garuda Wisnu Kencana. In the afternoon, you can admire the gigantic statue and its surroundings. In the evening, you can watch the performance of Kecak Dance while having a spectacular view of sunset in the background.


c. Plenty choices of adventures to make unforgettable memories


Bali is known as the place where everyone seeks adventure. Whether you’re looking for a romantic one, a thrilling one, or a kids-friendly one, Bali has it all scattered around the island. With no quarantine applied, you can surely maximize the experience to the most. What’s on your adventure agenda?


d. Safe havens for vegans and vegetarians


Bali definitely has plenty of choices of local dishes, but do you know that there are many aesthetically pleasing restaurants that are vegan-friendly? Wait, there’s more. Their foods are delicious as well! Therefore, you shouldn’t worry about keeping your lifestyle while savoring all the attraction Bali has to offer.


Along with the travel relaxation policy, Bali is also fully prepared to give the most convenient, hassle-free, and less-worry experience for all the international travelers. So what are you waiting for? Come to Bali and make your dreams come true! Follow our social media accounts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube for updated information regarding travel and creative economy in Indonesia.