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Kintamani Coffee Festival


Event: Kintamani Coffee Festival

Batur Geopark Museum, Catur Village, Ulian Village, Pengotan Village, and Petung Village.

Date: 28th - 29th of November 2019

Kintamani Coffee has popularly been known for its fresh, citrus-like, and fruity taste. Therefore, Kintamani Coffee Festival 2019 is being held in order to promote the Kintamani speciality to the international coffee aficionado. The event will be divided into three activities: The first one is targeting the stakeholders, namely 'subak' coffee farmers in Kintamani area. Second is for high school students in Kintamani, and the third is to introduce Kintamani Coffee products to tourists visiting the Batur UNESCO Global Geopark.


kintamani coffee festival

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