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'Nglanggeran' comes from the word 'Planggaran', which means 'every evil deed has its punishment'. It is also derived from the word 'Langgeng', which means peace and serenity. The tales of Nglanggeran people is kept alive by a Wayang puppet character named Ongkowijowo. When the people hold a Wayang theatre, the performance has to absolutely face the mountain, and cannot tell the early struggles and trials of Ongkowijoyo.

The rural character of Ngelanggeran Village stands strong. Mutual cooperation system, mutual respect & courtesy, and simple lifestyle are among the social patterns that the locals hold dear. Located around Gunungkidul, this Tourism Village has a lot of cultural uniqueness and local wisdom, such as traditional farming techniques and local food processing.

The government also recognize Nglanggeran's local wisdom, winning them several village awards inluding the ASEAN's Community Based Tourism 2017.

Nglanggeran's uniqueness also comes from a 48-hectare mountain with an astonishing natural panorama: Mt. Api Purba, or 'ancient volcano'. Being inactive since 60 million years ago, Mt. Api Purba also possess numerous wisdom such as geological, forestry, agriculture, and tradition. An hour walk through its 5 posts and you will get yourself a front seat to a magnificent sunrise view, a beautiful view of Nglanggeran reservoir, and a public camping ground. Mt. Api Purba is also recognized by UNESCO as one of Mt. Sewu's Global Geopark sites.


How to Get There

Nglanggeran Tourism Village is located in Patuk, Gunungkidul Sub-district, Yogyakarta; around the Baturagung area on the north of Gunungkidul Sub-district, with an elevation around 200-700 meters and a temperature of 23° C - 27° C. Located about 20 km from Wonosari, and 25 km from Yogyakarta, there are three routes that lead to the village: from Wonosari through the Sambipitu Roundabout (take a right to Nglanggeran Village), from Yogyakarta through the Patuk Intersection (take a right to Nglanggeran Village) following the road instructions, and from both ways through the Kalipentung Bridge to the east following the road instructions. The bridge route is relatively easier than the other two routes.


Where to Stay

The homestays around Ngelanggerang are quite affordable, ranging from IDR 75.000 to IDR 150.000 per person. There are a number of homestays that are owned by some of the locals around the area, make sure you check with a travel agent before choosing a homestay of your own.

Desa Wisata Gunung Api Purba Nglanggeran
Nglanggeran, Patuk
Gunung Kidul Regency, Special Region of Yogyakarta 55862

+62 818 0260 6050 (Sugeng)

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