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Kuala Kapuas

The City of Water

Kuala Kapuas is located at Kapuas River, 40 km from Banjarmasin. It is one of the major cities in Central Kalimantan with clean and comfortable city atmosphere. It is known with the terms "the City of Water" for it's surrounded by the Kapuas River. You can explore the city with nice spots to enjoy the city vibe is just beside the river. Besides the city tour, you can also found a well-known tourist attraction like Telo Island, a pleasant fishing village and port.

If you like the more adventurer attractions, white-water rafter and nature lovers, there is Gohong Rawai, known for its beautiful and challenging rapids. The gold mines of Teweh and Batu Api at Rungan district are also interesting sites to be visited. In this region, gold mining is a major source of livelihood for the people, who pan for the valuable metal using the old traditional method.


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