Marine Charts are used to plan a sea journey and support safe navigation. Marine charts in Indonesia are produced and issued by Hydrographic and Oceanographic Center Navy Indonesia, or PUSHIDROSAL.The charts are produced in two different types, Paper Charts and Electronic Navigation Chart (ENC).

PUSHIDROSAL (Hydrographic and Oceanographic Center Navy Indonesia)

PUSHIDROSAL operates directly under the Navy Chief of Staff (KASAL). The main task of PUSHIDROSAL is organizing function guidance and implementation of Hydro-Oceanographic activities that include: survey, research, publications, marine mapping, the application of marine environment and navigation safety for both military and public interest. PUSHIDROSAL also preparing data and information on defense the area at sea in order to support the main tasks of the navy.

As a Military Hydrographic Institution, PUSHIDROSAL responsible to provide accurate and up-to-date Hydro-Oceanographic data and information as to their basic data used as material for analysis of national defense strategies. Whereas as the Indonesian National Hydrographic Institute, PUSHIDROSAL also has the responsibility to provide shipping navigation safety guarantees in all territorial waters of the jurisdiction of Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia.

PUSHIDROSAL is the legal representation and representative of the Indonesian government in the official membership of international organizations, namely IHO (the International Hydrographic Organisation), which based in Monaco and EAHC (the East Asia Hydrographic Commission). Moreover, PUSHIDROSAL also a member of the Republic of Indonesia government delegation in several international organizations in the fields of Hydrographic, Oceanographic, and Navigation, such as:

  1. IOC (Inter-Government Oceanographic Commission)
  2. UNCSGN (United Nations Conference on Standardization of Geographical Names)
  3. UNGEGN (the United Nations Group of Experts on Geographical Names)

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These charts are listed by ports and presented in pfd format. They are displayed as reference only and not intended for the use of navigation purposes.

Port of Sabang pdf-Chart-Sabang
Port of Kuala Tanjung pdf-Chart-Kuala Tanjung
Port of Belawan pdf-Chart-Belawan
Port of Tanjung Priok pdf-Chart-Tanjung Priok
Port of Tanjung Emas pdf-Chart-Tanjung Emas
Port of Tanjung Perak pdf-Chart-Tanjung Perak
Port of Tanjung Tembaga pdf-Chart-Tanjung Tembaga
Port of Celukan Bawang pdf-Chart-Celukan Bawang
Port of Benoa pdf-Chart-Benoa
Port of Lembar pdf-Chart-Lembar
Port of Komodo pdf-Chart-Komodo
Port of Kumai pdf-Chart-Kumai
Port of Semayang pdf-Chart-Semayang
Posrt of Makassar pdf-Chart-Makassar
Port of Parepare pdf-Chart-Parepare
Port of Palopo pdf-Chart-Palopo
Port of Banda Neira pdf-Chart-Banda Neira
Port of Sorong pdf-Chart-Sorong
Port of Agats pdf-Chart-Agats


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