Indonesia is the largest archipelagic country comprising over 17,000 islands stretching over 5,000 km from the east to west and 1,700 km from north to south along the equator. To put it in the perspective, from east to west, Indonesia extends longer than the distance from Los Angeles to New York.


Over 500 years, a big part of Indonesia has naturally evolved against the backdrop of maritime influences, hence shaping Indonesia into a maritime country as recognized in its culture and civilization. The most prominent example can be seen in the Bugis, an ethnic group on southern peninsula of Sulawesi. They are known for their Phinisi schooners which they have used for centuries to travel the sea as far as Australian and African coast. 


Indonesian rich culture, coupled with its all-year-round tropical climate and alluring nature, has made it to the international top-tourist destinations and attract many visitors from every corner of the globe looking for Indonesian wonderful experiences.    


Particularly in the past three decades, Indonesia is set to take on international tourism by a storm. As a nation with a vibrant cultural diversity and natural abundance, Indonesia offers a wide range of enchanting local traditions, delicious cuisines, and exciting tourist attractions supported by modern infrastructures and facilities.


Today, in addition to that more traditional ways of visiting Indonesia by land and air, Indonesia has seen more tourists coming to visit by sea. The number of cruise liners that call Indonesian ports shows a positive and increasing growth. International yachts are also recorded to frequent Indonesian water and islands more often.

The Indonesian government picks up this positive trend and has put a great deal of efforts that are geared toward boosting more visit and longer stay from this segment.


This site is the extension of site created and managed by the Ministry of Tourism of Republic of Indonesia. It presents useful information on local laws and regulations, entry and exit ports, places of attractions, relevant local authorities as well as other information for those planning to navigate Indonesian maritime experience and to dive in to the wonderful life unique to Indonesia.

About Indonesia


Indonesia is situated in the heart of the bustling Southeast Asia – sharing borders with Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Philippines, East Timor and Papua New Guinea. It is also located in the crossroad of Asia and Australia, creating a dynamic and diverse biodiversity. Furthermore, the archipelago stretches along the equator therefore visitors can expect sun all year round.

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