0º52´40.2” S 131º14´48.5"E Port Code IDSOQ
GMT +9 Cruise and Ferry 2000 passengers
Length: 5.63km
Depth: -20 mLWS
Width: 926 meters
Number: 2 (Two)
(1) Sorong Pier: 3
Length: 340 meters
Width: 22m
Depth: 6m
(2) Doom island Pier:
Length: 40m
Width: 8m

Depth: 11m
Width: 11ha

Bollard (Number/Capacity):
21 unit/100 ton per unit

Depth: 11-20 LWS, max. Depth to wharf: 9 LWS
Max Depth Beside Wharf: 9 LWS

Max LOA: 200 meters

00º53´00”S 131º10´00"E
00º51´47.2” S 131º12´24.1"E
CLOSEST 17.7km (11miles) from Sorong Port
220 V
HOSPITAL 1. Rumah Sakit Pertamina Sorong (3.5 km)
2. RSUD Kabupaten Sorong (3.4 km)
3. Hospital Sele Be Solu (12 km)
4. Rumah Sakit Mutiara (6.5 km)
5. RS. Aryoko Sorong (7.3 km)
6. RS Pertamina OP Sorong (4.1 km)
Immigration Office Immigration Office Class II Sorong
Address: Jl. Masjid Raya HBM, North Remu, Sorong 98412, West Papua
Phone: +62 951 321 915
Customs Office Customs Office Sorong City
Address: Kampung Baru, Sorong, West Papua 98411, Indonesia.
Distance: 1.1 km from port

Kanwil Bea Cukai Papua
Address: Gedung Keuangan Negara, Kp. Baru, Sorong 98411, West Papua, Indonesia.
Phone: +62 951 312 3181
Distance: 2.7 km drive by car from port
Port Operator & Address Jl. Jendral Ahmad Yani No. 13, West Papua, Indonesia
Emergency Contact Numbers Port Authorities: +62 951 323805
Rupiah (IDR)

Port of Sorong

For most current and prevailing Tariff for Port of Sorong, please contact:   

Website :
Email :

The most recent government regulation of Port Tariff issued by the Ministry of Transportation, Republic of Indonesia can be viewed here

DUE TO CALL True North
Port Information
Tourist Attractions

Places of Interest Around Sorong

Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat is an archipelago which comprises more than 1,500 small islands, cays, and shoals surrounding the four main islands. Raja Ampat also part of the coral triangle that contains marine biodiversity on earth. Things to do in Raja Ampat:

  • Trekking in Raja Ampat: is the opportunity for the tourist to explore Waigeo’s wildlife-rich tropical rainforest, the hills, and the river valleys near the villages of Waifoi and Warimak. The tourist will experience the life of the Ambel Maya people and visit their ancient cultural sites.
  • Camping Tours: The camping tours offer the tourist of short package tours to some places in Raja Ampat (available to Wayag, Piaynemo, etc).
  • Snorkeling: is one of the best places in the world not only for diving and underwater photography, but also for snorkeling.

Sorong National Park

(34 minutes by car)
Bask in the picturesque landscape and cool air of the idyllic Sorong. Primarily a conservation area that houses various flora and fauna, this complex is now available for outbound activities. However, please note that the park does not provide the equipment. The area is guarded by the local park rangers, which keeps visitors safe on their hike.

Tembok Berlin

(12 minutes on foot)
This wall separates the beach from the main road. It is known as a culinary spot for locals and visitors from dusk until late at night. Visitors are highly recommended to try the local seafood that are available for purchase at the vendors, but be sure to come early to find the best dining spot!

Irian Jaya Arts & Crafts

One of the many unique things to do in Sorong is to visit the Arts & Crafts shop which boasts an extensive selection of tribal masks and the signature koteka --gourdes that cover men's genitals, traditionally worn by highland tribesmen. The gourdes are typically made from dried out pumpkin or cucumber gourd and each tribe has its own unique design. Some men wear double gourdes that can carry money or tobacco.

Sapta Ratna Pagoda

(15 minutes by car)
Overlooking the tranquil city of Sorong, visitors can bask in the unlikely beauty of this Buddhist temple. The Pagoda was built 25 years ago and initially intended as a columbarium. Along the years, the beautiful architecture turns the site into a tourist attraction, but still serves as a place of worship. The view is particularly beautiful at night, where the lights in the city glimmer in the distance.

Boswesen Market

(15 minutes by car)
Experience the hustle and bustle of the local life at the traditional market. One part of the market offers fresh produce from local farmers and vendors of traditional food. The area also includes a fish market that sits on stilts in the water, where visitors can purchase freshly caught seafood right by the water.
PELINDO IV - Sorong Port, Papua

Jl. Jenderal Ahmad Yani No. 13, Sorong, 98413, Irian Jaya, Indonesia

Phone : +62 0951 323805

The Indonesian Maritime Security Agency (BAKAMLA)

Established in 1972, The Indonesian Maritime Security Agency (Badan Keamanan Laut Republik Indonesia) is a maritime patrol and rescue agency of the Republic of Indonesia.

Address (Headquarter)
Jl. Proklamasi No.56, RT.10/RW.2, Pegangsaan, Menteng, Jakarta 10320, Indonesia

Indonesian Naval Hydrographic and Oceanographic Center (PUSHIDROSAL)

Pushidrosal is the authority to serve as the official provider of hydro-oceanographic activities, including oceanographic data, map, publications and navigation safety, both military and public, in Indonesia. This authority reports to the Chief of Staff of the Indonesian Navy.

Address (Headquarter)
Jln. Pantai Kuta V/1 Ancol Timur, Jakarta Utara Indonesia


Directorate General of Sea Transportation, Ministry of Transportation (HUBLA)

Directorate General of Sea Transportation is part of the Ministry of Transportation of Republic of Indonesia and has a primary task in formulating and executing technical policies and standardization of sea transportation in Indonesia.

Address (Headquarter)
Jalan Medan Merdeka Barat No.8, Gambir, Jakarta 10110, Indonesia

Andhika GAC Indonesia (Shipping Agent)

Wisma Staco, 2nd floor, Suite 201, Jl. Casablanca Kav. 18, Jakarta 12870, Indonesia.

Phone : +62 811 9700083

PT. Berlian Persada Pratama

Pasar Kembang Street No. 115, Surabaya, Indonesia

Phone : +62 31 9190 6925
Mobile : +62 812 639 606 92

Dearni Lestari Marine Services

Perumahan BMW B/5, Sidowungu menganti, Gresik61174, East Java, Indonesia.

Phone : +62 31 7217 4077
Mobile : +62 813 3285 2101
Fax : +62 31 7912 113

CV. Jaya Utama Marine – Ship Chandler Indonesia

Jl Raya Demak no. 370, Surabaya 60171, East Java, Indonesia

Phone : +62 31 357 8876 | +62 31 353 7920 | +62 812 1613 1971

PT. Pelayanan Nasional Indonesia (PELNI)

Gedung Kantor Pusat PT. PELNI – Jl. Gajah Mada No. 14, Central Jakarta, 10130, Indonesia

Phone: +62 638 577 47
Mobile: +62 852 6116 1605


Jl. Bugis No. 64, Tanjung Priok, North Jakarta, 14320, Indonesia

Phone: +62 21 4393 4759 | +62 21 4361 235

PT Equator Marindo: Inchcape Shipping Services

Menara Anugrah 21st Floor, R Ide Anak Agung Gde Agung, Kav 8.6-8.7, Mega Kuningan, Jakarta, 12950, Indonesia

Phone: +62 21 5794 2328
Mobile: +62 811 8770 073

Anak Papua Raja Ampat

Jl. Jenderal Sudirman, Malabutor, Sorong Manoi, Sorong 98412, West Papua, Indonesia

Phone : +62 878 5380 5900 | +62 852 9604 3961 (Tour)

Bayu Buana Travel Services

Tour Centre: Jl. IR. H. Juanda III no. 2, Jakarta 10120, Indonesia

Phone : +62 21 2350 9925

Mega Raja Ampat Tour

Jl. Bubara No. 1, Klaligi, Sorong 98414, West Papua, Indonesia

Phone : +62 811 1000 737

Asia Wisata

Jl. Basuki Rahmat No. 25, Jakarta, Indonesia

Phone : +62 21 851 7262
Mobile: +62 812 2000 9066

Bali Triloka Candra Tours & Travel

Jl. Bet Ngandang II No 9, Sanur, Bali, 80228, Indonesia

Phone : +62 361 286 531 | +62 361 281 197
Mobile: +62 818 0535 7779 | +62 813 3722 9557

Pacto Ltd - Destination Management

Jl. By Pass Ngurah Rai No. 141, Sanur, Denpasar, Bali 80228, Indonesia

Phone : +62 361 288 790
Fax: +62 361 288 703

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