2º59´00” S to 120º13´00"E Port Code IDPPO
GMT +8 Cruise and Ferry Up to 5,000 passengers


2º58´41.4” S  120º13´06.8" E

2º58´5” S 120º13´06." E Note: Ships can anchor closer, depend on draft available upon arrival



Length: 190 meters
Depth: 8 meters
Minimum width: 15 meters

Number: 11 unit
Capacity: 25-50 tonnes

Number: 2(two)

Tanjung Ringgit Pier:
Length: 190m
Draft: 7m-10m
Width: 15m
Max LOA: 270 meters

Turning Basin

Length: -
Depth: -
Minimum width: -

CLOSEST Bua Airport (LLO) – (16.8 Km)
CLOSEST Palopo City – (11.0 Km)
HOSPITAL 1. Star of the sea hospital (2.6km from palopo port)
2. Rumah Sakit Mega Buana (3.8km from palopo port)
3. RS. Sawerigading Palopo (2.0km from palopo port)
Port Operator


Palopo Port (Tanjung Ringgit), South Sulawesi

Palopo Port/Unit Penyelenggara Pelabuhan Palopo (UPP): Yos Sudarso Street Palopo, South Sulawesi, 91923, Indonesia.


Immigration Office

Immigration Office Class III Palopo

Address: Jl. Patang II no. 2, Tomarundung, Wara Bar, Palopo City, South Sulawesi 91913, Indonesia.

Phone: +62 852 5666 0394


Other Supplies

220 V

Port Operator & Address

Palopo Port/Unit Penyelenggara Pelabuhan Palopo (UPP): Yos Sudarso Street Palopo 91923, South Sulawesi , Indonesia.

Emergency Contact Numbers Police: +62 471 21110
Hospital: +62 471 24356
Fire Brigade: +62 471 24356
Rupiah (IDR)
LAST CALLING Silver Discoverer, Caledonian Sky, L´Austral, Aegean, Azamara.

Port Information
Tourist Attractions

Places of Interest Around Palopo

Tana Toraja – Ke’te’Kesu’

Tanjung ringgit port has always had a trade link to the highlands of Sulawesi known as Tana Toraja, and a physical link through a twisting mountain pass making it a perfect gateway to Toraja.
Distance from Palopo port to Tana Toraja: 64km drive from Palopo port

Lemo Burial Site

The most vusuted burial site in Tana Toraja. The whole burial site itself is surrounded by beautiful rice paddies.
Distance from Palopo port to Lemo Burial Site: 70.2km drive

Langkanae Palace

Is the home of the Datu Luwu, the 40th descendant of the mythical founder of the Luwu dynasty: Batara Guru. This palace is a quaint Dutch style mansion built in 1920, next to a large wooden Bugis-style palace. This was set in a well-maintained garden, a pleasant place of tranquility in the lively little town of Palopo.
Distance from Palopo port to Langkanae Palace: 1.5km drive

Tongkonan House

Is the traditional ancestral house of the Torajan people. Tongkonans have a distinct boat-shaped and oversized saddleback roof. Like most of Indonesia’s Austronesian-based traditional architecture, tongkonans are built on stilts. The construction of tongkonan is laborious work and it is usually built with the help of all family members or friends. In the original Toraja society, only nobles had the right to build tongkonan. Commoners live in smaller and less decorated home called banua.

Bolu Market and Makale Market

Both of the market are the two largest markets in Tana Toraja, South Sulawesi, and clearly reflect the culture and civilisation of the Torajan people and the surrounding communities. Bolu market is located in Rantepao, the tourist centre of Toraja, and is a popular tourist attraction and an interesting place to visit. The market only opens once in 6 days, and is the main sales centre for buffaloes, as well as pigs. Vegetables, fruits, coffee and other food products can also be found in this market.
Distance from Palopo port to Bolu Market: 58km drive

Kambo Hill

Kambo hill or highland kambo is the newest tourist spot in Palopo city. From the height of highland Kambo, tourists can have a panoramic view of Palopo City. In addition, tourists can enjoy amazing mountain views.
Distance from Palopo port to Kambo Hill: 11km drive

Latuppa Waterfall

(34 minutes by car)
Tucked in the mountain peak of Buntu Malenyong, the Latuppa Waterfall boasts freshwater springs and stunning rock formations in the midst of a lush rainforest. The waterfall consists of several tiers, among them is a wondrous cocoa garden. Visitors can also stroll along the nearby Latuppa River, that bends and flows for 12 kilometers.

Langkanae Luwu Palace

(5 minutes by car)
Built in 1920, this castle was built by the Dutch government as a replacement of the original saoraja building. It is formerly the home of the Luwu kingdom, the first recorded monarchy in Bugis history that reigned from the 12th century to the 16th. Explore the local history through the saoraja miniature as well as the Monument of the People's Fight that symbolizes their struggles against the Dutch colonization.

Taman Segitiga Palopo

(10 minutes by car)
With looming beams and structures as its centerpiece, this park has gone through major development projects in order to become the city's new icon. In this area, visitors can take pictures at the "I Love Palopo City" signs and marvel at the vibrant lights that gleams from dusk.
PELINDO IV - Palopo Port (Tanjung Ringgit), South Sulawesi

Palopo Port/Unit Penyelenggara Pelabuhan Palopo (UPP): Yos Sudarso Street Palopo, South Sulawesi, 91923, Indonesia

The Indonesian Maritime Security Agency (BAKAMLA)
Established in 1972, The Indonesian Maritime Security Agency (Badan Keamanan Laut Republik Indonesia) is a maritime patrol and rescue agency of the Republic of Indonesia.

Jl. Proklamasi No.56, RT.10/RW.2, Pegangsaan, Menteng, Jakarta 10320, Indonesia

Indonesian Naval Hydrographic and Oceanographic Center (PUSHIDROSAL)
Pushidrosal is the authority to serve as the official provider of hydro-oceanographic activities, including oceanographic data, map, publications and navigation safety, both military and public, in Indonesia. This authority reports to the Chief of Staff of the Indonesian Navy.

Jln. Pantai Kuta V/1 Ancol Timur, Jakarta Utara Indonesia

Directorate General of Sea Transportation, Ministry of Transportation (HUBLA)
Directorate General of Sea Transportation is part of the Ministry of Transportation of Republic of Indonesia and has a primary task in formulating and executing technical policies and standardization of sea transportation in Indonesia.

Jalan Medan Merdeka Barat No.8, Gambir, Jakarta 10110, Indonesia

Andhika GAC Indonesia (Shipping Agent)

Wisma Staco, 2nd Floor, Suite 201, Jl. Casablanca Kav. 18, Jakarta 12870, Indonesia.

Phone : +62 811 9700083

PT. Buana Lintas Lautan, Tbk (Cruise)

Jln. Mega Kuningan Timur blok C6 Kav. 12A, South Jakarta 12950, Indonesia

Phone : +62 21 3048 5700
Fax : +62 21 3048 5701

Marina Fachri Supply
(Indonesian Bunkering Supply)

Address : Comp. Dewa Kembar No. 171/B, Jakarta 14130, Indonesia

Phone : +62 21 437 0412 (Bunkering Management) | +62 21 440 5742
Mobile : +62 813 95087 969

Website           :
Email               :

PT. Tompotika Raya
(Food & Beverages)

Address : Jl. Pong Simping no. 40, Tampotikka, Wara, Mungkajang, Palopo 91922, South Sulawesi, Indonesia

Phone : +62 471 21692

PT. Pelayanan Nasional Indonesia (PELNI)

Gedung Kantor Pusat PT. PELNI – Jl. Gajah Mada No. 14, Central Jakarta, 10130, Indonesia

Phone: +62 638 577 47
Mobile: +62 852 6116 1605


Jl. Bugis No. 64, Tanjung Priok, North Jakarta, 14320, Indonesia

Phone: +62 21 4393 4759 | +62 21 4361 235

PT Equator Marindo: Inchcape Shipping Services

Menara Anugrah 21st Floor, R Ide Anak Agung Gde Agung, Kav 8.6-8.7, Mega Kuningan, Jakarta, 12950, Indonesia

Phone: +62 21 5794 2328
Mobile: +62 811 8770 073

Bintang Prima

Address : Jl. Rambutan Blk. E No. 11, Dangerakko, Wara, Palopo 91911, South Sulawesi, Indonesia

Phone : +62 471 326866

Bintang Timur

Address : Jl. Manennungeng No. 161, Dangerakko, Wara, Palopo 91911, South Sulawesi, Indonesia

Phone : +62 471 24399

Ozet Travel

Address : Jl. S. Rongkong No. 57 Dj North Wara, Palopo 91913, South Sulawesi, Indonesia

Phone : +62 853 2542 1410

Website           :

Asia Wisata

Jl. Basuki Rahmat No. 25, Jakarta, Indonesia

Phone : +62 21 851 7262
Mobile: +62 812 2000 9066

Bali Triloka Candra Tours & Travel

Jl. Bet Ngandang II No 9, Sanur, Bali, 80228, Indonesia

Phone : +62 361 286 531 | +62 361 281 197
Mobile: +62 818 0535 7779 | +62 813 3722 9557

Pacto Ltd - Destination Management

Jl. By Pass Ngurah Rai No. 141, Sanur, Denpasar, Bali 80228, Indonesia

Phone : +62 361 288 790
Fax: +62 361 288 703

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