4º31´04.2” S 129º53´50.09"E Port Code IDNDA
GMT +9 Cruise and Ferry Up to 5000 passengers/100m2
Depth: -14mLWS
Width: 100 meters
Length: 15 miles
Number: 1 (One)
Banda Naira Pier:
Length: 88 meters
Width: -6m40 LWS
Depth alongside cruise berth: -9.5 mLWS
Depth: 8 meters
Max LOA: 150 meters
(Number/Capacity) 9 Unit / 150 tons
Depth: -9.5 mLWS
Diameter: 23,500 meters
Width: 1,111 meters
4º31´3.79”S 129º53´37.89"E
Berth: 70m2
HOSPITAL Rumah Sakit Umum Banda Naira (700m)
Port Operator & Address Indonesia Port Corporation/PELINDO IV:
Komplek Pelabuhan Desa Nusantara Bandanaira, Ternate, Maluku, Indonesia.
Immigration Office
220 V
Emergency Contact Numbers Harbour Master Office: +62 0910 2117
Rupiah (IDR)

For most current and prevailing Tariff for Port of Banda Neira, please contact:   

Website :
Email :

The most recent government regulation of Port Tariff issued by the Ministry of Transportation, Republic of Indonesia can be viewed here

LAST CALLING Albatros, Artania, Bremen, Coral Adventurer, Coral Discoverer, Hanseatic, Le Laperouse, L´Austral, Le Soleal, Spirit of Adventure, Seabourn, Silver Discoverer, True North
DUE TO CALL Coral Adventurer, True North, Le Laperouse
Port Information
Tourist Attractions

Places of Interest Around Banda Neira

Spice Islands

The story of the Banda Islands is related to the trading of spices, such as controlling the production of nutmeg and mace was a major motivation for the Dutch to conquer the islands in the 1620s. At that time nutmeg was one of the “fine spices” and was expensive in Europe. The local market famous for its spices stretches along the road next to the pier. A nutmeg plantation is located close to the harbor.

Fort Belgica

A stop in banda naira gives the opportunity to visit fort Belgica, which is one of many forts built by the Dutch East India Company in 1611. It is one of the largest remaining European forts in Indonesia and is quite imposing in the small, charming and sleepy town here old spacious mansions from the time of the Dutch plantation period still remain, some of which have been restored.

If seen from above, it resembles the Pentagon in the United States, hence its nickname as the “Indonesian Pentagon.” This fort was formerly used to contain the insurgence of the locals who oppose the nutmeg trade monopoly, and now houses artifacts from the colonial era.
Distance: 10 minutes walk from the harbor.

Banda Islands

Zonnegat Strait lies between Banda and Naira. The main island is Pulau Naira where the only town in the Banda sits. The Banda islands consist of a group of ten islands:

  1. Naira
  2. Banda
  3. Run
  4. Ay
  5. Nailaka
  6. Syahrir/Pisang
  7. Gunung api/Volacano islet
  8. Hatta
  9. Skaru
  10. Batu Kapal

Kora-kora Attractions

A Kora-kora is a traditional canoe from the Maluku Islands. This boat is used for both trade and warfare and today. It is a tourist attraction. Bigger kora-koras were used as war vessels during the war with the Dutch in the Banda Islands during the 17th century.

Old Church Banda

(4 minutes on foot)
Located near Fort Nassau, this historic building has long since been the pride of Banda Neira. However, this church underwent a collaborative refurbishment in 1852 due to an earthquake. During the colonial era, this church offers Sunday services in Dutch in the mornings and Melayu in the afternoon.

Rumah Budaya

(2 minutes on foot)
This house exhibits various historical accounts and artifacts about Banda Neira during the colonial era from furniture, paintings, cannons, and many interesting historical items. One of the many things that attract history lovers is the giant painting about the massacre of famous figures in Banda during the Dutch settlement in 1621. Visitors will be transported to the life of the natives back in the day.

Istana Mini

(10 minutes on foot)
Istana Mini or A mini-palace is aptly n teamed due to its resemblance to the Presidential Palace in Jakarta, although much smaller. It is actually a replica of the original building in the Fort Nassau grounds, which is now unsafe to inhabit. The local government then rebuilt a replica to preserve. this historic representation of Banda Neira and even proposed it as the Presidential Palace in Eastern Indonesia.
PELINDO IV - Banda Naira Port, Maluku

Jl. Yos Sudarso No. 1, Ambon 97126, Maluku, Indonesia

Phone : +62 0911 353457/341319/352263

The Indonesian Maritime Security Agency (BAKAMLA)

Established in 1972, The Indonesian Maritime Security Agency (Badan Keamanan Laut Republik Indonesia) is a maritime patrol and rescue agency of the Republic of Indonesia.

Address (Headquarter)
Jl. Proklamasi No.56, RT.10/RW.2, Pegangsaan, Menteng, Jakarta 10320, Indonesia

Website :

Indonesian Naval Hydrographic and Oceanographic Center (PUSHIDROSAL)

Pushidrosal is the authority to serve as the official provider of hydro-oceanographic activities, including oceanographic data, map, publications and navigation safety, both military and public, in Indonesia. This authority reports to the Chief of Staff of the Indonesian Navy.

Address (Headquarter)
Jln. Pantai Kuta V/1 Ancol Timur, Jakarta Utara Indonesia

Website :

Directorate General of Sea Transportation, Ministry of Transportation (HUBLA)

Directorate General of Sea Transportation is part of the Ministry of Transportation of Republic of Indonesia and has a primary task in formulating and executing technical policies and standardization of sea transportation in Indonesia

Address (Headquarter)
Jalan Medan Merdeka Barat No.8, Gambir, Jakarta 10110, Indonesia

Andhika GAC Indonesia (Shipping Agent)

Wisma Staco, 2nd floor, Suite 201, Jl. Casablanca Kav. 18, Jakarta 12870, Indonesia.

Phone : +62 811 9700083

PT. Berlian Persada Pratama (Maritime Services & Supplies, Ship Repair & Dry Dock, Ship Chandler & Husbandry)

Jl. Pasar Kembang No. 115, Surabaya60263, East Java, Indonesia

Phone : +62 31 534 6160

PT. Bumi Maya Purnama (Marine Service Chandler, Workshop, Offshore Logistic, Ship Supplier)

Perum Puri Cibubur Permai, Jl. Telkom Blok A No. 1, West Java Indonesia

Phone : +62 21 877 50215

CV. Halim Jaya (Maritime Services & Supplies, Ship Repair & Dry Dock, Ship chandler & Husbandry)

Teluk Kumai Timur 59, Surabaya60165, East Java, Indonesia

Phone : +62 317 215 2266

PT. Rastera Samuda Perkasa (Maritime Services & Supplies, Ship Chandler & Husbandry)

Jl. PLTA Lodoyo No. 37, Suralaya Merak, Cilegon42439, Indonesia

Phone : +62 54 572 769 | +62 815 3447 7977 | +62 811 120 2077
Fax : +62 54 572 769

PT. Pelayanan Nasional Indonesia (PELNI)

Gedung Kantor Pusat PT. PELNI – Jl. Gajah Mada No. 14, Central Jakarta, 10130, Indonesia

Phone: +62 638 577 47
Mobile: +62 852 6116 1605


Jl. Bugis No. 64, Tanjung Priok, North Jakarta, 14320, Indonesia

Phone: +62 21 4393 4759 | +62 21 4361 235

PT Equator Marindo: Inchcape Shipping Services

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Phone: +62 21 5794 2328
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PT. NehSher Indotama Tour & Travel

Jl. Raya Tajur No. 127, Bogor, West Java

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K.I.A Tours & Travel

Mall Emporium Pluit Lt. 2 Unit 2-35, Jakarta, Indonesia

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Giant Tour

Head Office: Ruko Cemp. Mas Blok K No. 12, Jl LetJend Suprapto, Sumur Batu, Central Jakarta, Indonesia

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Honey Tour

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