Visiting Lake Toba? Make Sure You Put these 7 Beautiful Destinations on Your list


Looking for trip ideas for your tour in North Sumatra or are you super excited about what to do in Lake Toba, as one of the top tourism spots in Indonesia? No doubt that the gorgeous Lake Toba is a must-see attraction, but make sure to also travel around Lake Toba to discover some of nature’s best-kept secrets. Learn how to get there and plan your dream holiday! Add these 7 scenic spots to your Lake Toba itinerary and bask in the glory of nature.

1. Paropo

Relax in the cool breeze or have an exciting time catching, grilling, and eating fish at Paropo village located by the edge of Lake Toba. The incredible panoramic views offered by lush pyramid-like hills surrounding the lake are bound to ignite your love of photography.

scenic spots in lake toba

And if you love camping, then this is the best place to be. The experience of camping in colorful tents set in the midst of a fairytale landscape is truly incomparable.

2. Situmurun Waterfall

A must-see attraction on your Lake Toba tour is the pristine Situmurun Waterfall that falls directly into Lake Toba.

scenic spots in lake toba

Amazed by the power and beauty of this 7-tired waterfall, you’ll be tempted to dive into the cool refreshing water, but be wary of the strong currents. Capture the ethereal beauty of this Instagenic spot as the storks fly around.

3. Bakkara

The surreal blend of history and nature makes Bakkara a unique place to visit. Located on the outskirts of Lake Toba and flanked by majestic hills, this valley is the birthplace of Sisingamangaraja, the king of the Batak.

scenic spots in lake toba

It’s home to Aek Sipangolu, a spring freshwater spring that’s considered sacred and Sampuren Janji that’s said to be the place where the Batak kings would meet to take an oath.

4. Efrata Waterfall

Enjoy the spectacular views of Lake Toba and surrounding rice paddies as you hike up the rugged hills to reach the picturesque Efrata Waterfall.

scenic spots in lake toba

Cool off by plunging in the refreshing water that’s coming from the Barisan Mountains. Camp amidst the unspoiled beauty and the soothing sounds of the rushing streams.

5. Simarjarunjung

Admire unobstructed views of Lake Toba from the scenic lookout of Simarjarunjung Hill.

scenic spots in lake toba

Take innovative selfies on unique viewing platforms, swings, and installations that are suspended in mid-air and include an air balloon, a sky bike, a giant palm, and a hanging dining table. Treat yourself to breathtaking sunset views from the treehouse.

6. Sidihoni Lake

A lake within a lake? That means double the views and double the pleasure. Located within Samosir Island, which itself is an island within Lake Toba, Sidihoni Lake is unique for being a lake on an island in a lake on an island.

scenic spots in lake toba

Take in the vistas as you trek around this lake that’s surrounded by green grass and pine trees. Bask in the magnificence of the sunset view and set up camp on the lake’s bank to watch the glorious sunrise.

7. Siadtaratas Hill

scenic spots in lake toba

Image by anggiksss

Enjoy the unbeatable beauty of Lake Toba from the top of Siadtaratas Hill. Get lost in the romantic views of the cool blue lake lining the glorious green hills. Engage in activities like hiking, diving, swimming, canoeing or even camping. Look out for memorable sunset and sunrise views, and capture amazing photos.

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So make the most out of your Lake Toba trip by exploring the unspoiled beauty of these scenic destinations around Lake Toba, the jewel in North Sumatra’s crown. (HR)