Make Your Holiday in Bali Wonderful With These 5 Travel Ideas

The blissful paradise that is Bali indeed offers a myriad of attractions. With its breathtaking natural landscape, exquisite resorts, one-of-a-kind culture, as well as vibrant nightlife, The Island of Gods have been countlessly included in the bucket list of travelers all over the world. Many have been waiting to set their foot on this magnificent island. And with the implementation of a quarantine-free policy along with gradual ease of travel regulation, now plenty of people have started to flock to the island to spend a long-good holiday. Are you looking to join them soon enough? Make your holiday experience in Bali turn into a memorable moment that you will never forget by giving the following travel ideas a try!


1. Sustainable Tourism 


Exploring the astonishing natures of Bali can be a truly exciting journey. Now how about doing it more sustainably? A gift from Mother Nature is something that we should strive to protect and sustain at all costs. Sometimes, we fail to remember that by neglecting our environment, the damage done might threaten the lives of the next generations. So how can we avoid that? Start by being a more responsible traveler! In Bali, you will be able to do numerous sustainable activities, from learning about endangered turtles at a turtle conservation center to partaking in a sustainable adventure through stunning wilderness.


2. Fitcation & Wellness 


It is widely known that the landscape of Bali always exudes serenity. What better way to enjoy the serenity than by doing stress-relieving activities around the island! Other than resorts, clubs, restaurants, markets, and sightseeing spots, here you can also easily find various services that provide exciting healthy activities, such as cycling, scooting, and rafting. And if you favor more laid-back options, then many wellness retreats are also available around the island. Inside these wellness retreats, you will be pampered with wonderful spa treatments that are guaranteed to rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul, giving you whole new energy to continue your day!


3. Culture & Culinary Journey 


Other things that Bali is widely known for are its fascinating cultures and delightful cuisines. A journey in Bali would not be complete without diving into the island’s fantastic cultures and cuisines. Do yourself a favor and embark on a cultural trip around Bali! Mingle with the locals and get to know about differing Balinese traditions. As for the cuisines, Bali offers a wide array of options from local to international menus. Give yourself the true taste of the island by trying the mouthwatering iconic Balinese cuisines, such as ayam betutu, sate lilit, and tipat cantok!


4. Road Trip Sensation 


As The Island of Gods spans quite vastly, embarking on a long road trip across the island can be a perfect choice for those who would like some adventure! Enjoying the wonders of Bali this way can also be a budget-friendly option for you. A great selection of amenities and accommodations are readily available throughout the island to fulfill your adventure desire. As you set foot here, get a rental car out of the airport and start your road trip immediately! Explore the hidden gems on the northern coast of Bali, enjoy the serene vibes of Ubud, then end your trip by spending a fun time around Nusa Dua.


5. Bargain Shopping 


Who doesn't like to shop during a holiday? The fascinating culture of Bali is heavily devoted to arts, driving many skillful locals to passionately produce high-quality crafts. Often sought-after by worldwide travelers, the crafts of Bali can be found at many art markets available on the island. If you’d like to hunt for these premium crafts, then consider checking out Kuta Art Market, Kumbasari Art Market, Badung Market, and Sukawati Art Market. In these markets, you will be provided with a huge selection of authentic handmade crafts, ranging from cute accessories to intricate woodcrafts.

Are you ready to experience the best holiday you’ve ever had in Bali? Make sure you take note of these top travel ideas and check out the must-visit hidden gems in the east of Bali, a guide on how to explore the Nusa Islands, as well as several excellent glamping spots to get yourself closer to Bali’s eye-soothing nature.

And remember, when you’ve arrived in Bali, stay compliant with the CHSE (cleanliness, health, safety, and environmental sustainability) protocols. Wear your mask in public spaces, keep your distance from others, and remember to wash your hands as often as possible. Lastly, make sure you have followed our Instagram @wonderfulindonesia, Twitter @wondefulid,  Facebook @WonderfulIndonesia, and subscribed to our Youtube channel at Wonderful Indonesia so you don’t miss out on many more sensational trip ideas!