7 Top Sports Tourism Destinations in Indonesia


Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, many of us have been struggling with the travel bug, but that doesn’t have to stop you from planning your future #DiIndonesiaAja trip. If you are thinking of going on an anti-mainstream trip after the pandemic, you can consider visiting these Indonesian sports tourism destinations for an adventurous experience. Besides soaking in nature, enjoying the good vibes, and relieving stress, you can also try some interesting sports activities on your trip to stay fit and healthy. Check out these 7 top sports tourism destinations that are worthy of your attention:

1 | Race, Bike, and Swim in the Scenic Bintan

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Located in the Riau Archipelago of Indonesia, Bintan is best known for its world-class sports tourism destinations which attract thousands of people from across the globe to compete in various sports competitions, from marathons race to cycling events, swimming competitions, and other extreme sports. Bintan has also been hosting international multi-sport events, such as Bintan Triathlon and IRONMAN 70.3 Bintan, which combine the three disciplines of swimming, running, and cycling. It’s surely the perfect sports tourism destination for your next adventure!

2 | Swing Your Golf Club in Batam

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If you are looking for a short weekend escape, Batam is the ideal choice. From beautiful beaches and food delicacies to urban living entertainment, it has everything you need to pamper you during your stay. Moreover, you can perfect your golf swing at the incredible golf courses and also participate in golf competitions. Ain’t nothing better than chillaxing in beautiful lush green fields while indulging in activities to keep you fit, right?

3 | Race a Heritage Marathon in Borobudur

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In addition to discovering Borobudur’s natural beauty and amazing historical sites, you can also take the opportunity to experience a world-class sport tournament here. Borobudur holds an annual international sporting event called “Borobudur Marathon”, which has been listed in Running Races Asia. This event brings together thousands of runners from around the world to enjoy the magnificent race and explore the beautiful region of Magelang.

4 | Race a Bike Marathon in Tour de Singkarak of West Sumatra

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If you are a cycling athlete or just someone who loves to bike, West Sumatra is the ideal sports tourism destination for you. The province is well-known not only for its exquisite scenery, but also for its bicycle touring events. Many international events have been held in this province, including Tour de Singkarak, an annual world-class professional cycling race. So gear up and enter the competition with other cyclists from more than 20 different countries!

5 | Paraglide through the Skies of Bogor

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Apart from being a nature lover’s first choice, Bogor is the ultimate choice for adrenaline junkies who want to unleash their inner child with exciting outdoor activities. One of the most sought-after activities that you should try in Bogor is paragliding, which gained popularity during the Asian Games, 2018. No worries if you are a beginner; you can leap safely under the guidance of a professional. Just sit, relax, and feel the excitement while enjoying the beautiful lush green views. You’ll never know how it feels to fly like a bird until you’ve gone paragliding at least once in your life.

6 | Surf the Waves in Nias

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Touted as the world’s second-best surfing destination after Hawaii, Nias Island has been an ultimate paradise for surfers of all kinds. It suits the professionals who are trying to step up their game, as well as the beginners who are learning to pop up on a surfboard. One of the most favorite surfing spots, with perfect right-hand barrels, is Lagundri Beach at the Bay of Sorake. What’s more? Nias hosted the World Surf League (WSL) in 2019 with more than hundred participants from across the globe. So let’s hit the waves!

7 | Inspire your Mind and Soul at the Yoga Festival, Bali

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Have you ever wondered why people come to Bali when they are in a dire need of a break? Well, because there is no better place to relax and bring Zen into your life. From magnificent temples to alluring beaches, picturesque sunsets, and delightful green spaces, this island has so much to offer, which makes it a perfect place for your yoga retreats. Instead of laying out your mat in your comfy apartment, practice yoga amidst the beauty of nature and have an enchanting experience!

If that isn’t enough to excite you, then head off the annual international event called “Bali Spirit Festival” which embodies the Balinese Hindu concept of Tri Hita Karana i.e. living in harmony with the spiritual, social, and natural environment. It brings the global community together to celebrate harmony through yoga, dance, healing movements, and music.

Indonesia is not only home to natural beauty, cultural diversity, food delicacies, historical sites, and entertainment spots, but also to world-class sports events and activities. Whether you are participating in a sporting event or just watching a game, sports tourism can be a perfect addition to your post-pandemic bucket list