Planning an Eco-friendly Trip in Indonesia? Check out these 5 Sustainable Destinations!

Climate change and its dangerous impacts on the planet resulting from human activities teach us to start caring for the environment and contribute to change. Because if we don't, the Earth will become increasingly unfit for living due to extreme climate change and a huge decline in air quality. One of the efforts that can be made to fight these is by maintaining the environment through offsetting our carbon footprints.

There are many ways for us to offset our carbon footprints and all of them start by raising awareness of our nature. If you're interested in contributing to sustainable tourism and learning how tourism can contribute to the environment, these destinations in Indonesia are worth checking out.


1. Peramun Hill, Bangka Belitung Islands


This vast lush forest can be found in Air Selumar Village, Bangka Belitung Islands. The name Peramun Hill originates from historical evidence that says there once stood a village inhabited by healers or herbal medicine experts around here. Within the forest, you can enjoy the beauty of nature while taking pictures around the granite rocks. If the weather's good, you can also witness the sunset from the top of the hill. As the night comes, you can encounter several tarsiers. These cute mammals are highly protected by the locals as their numbers are getting smaller. Peramun Hill is also home to a wide array of plants. There’s a nature education center where you can learn about all kinds of plants that exist around the hill. As a way to preserve the flora and fauna of this place, the locals would limit tourist visits to three times a week.


2. Tiga Warna Beach (Clungup Mangrove Conservation), Malang, East Java


Another sustainable destination you should check out is Tiga Warna Beach. As part of The Clungup Mangrove Conservation (CMC), this beach is situated in Sumbermanjing Wetan District, on the southern coast of Java in Malang Regency. Besides being a tourist destination, CMC is also a conservation center for mangrove and coral reefs, as well as a marine education center. What makes Three Colors Beach special is its waters, which has three different hues. Besides enjoying the fresh breeze, you can also snorkel or dive to witness the beach's gorgeous underwater view. Moreover, the beach also provides several conservation programs, namely mangrove planting, installation of artificial coral reefs, coral reef transplantation, and marine education for kids that teaches about ecosystem safety, turtle egg hatching, and the importance of marine biome.


3. Plataran Menjangan, West Bali National Park, Bali 


Plataran Menjangan, located in the West Bali National Park, has been named the World Top Safari Stay by the Tripadvisor Travelers' Choice Award 2021. This 382-hectare protected forest is inhabited by 175 flora and 167 fauna. There are also mangrove forests that are more than 100 years old which can be found along the 7-kilometer coastline. You can encounter plenty of exotic animals here, such as wild boars, marbled cats, giant squirrels, and deer which are part of a “Ranger for A Day” program. You can also have a chance to traverse a stunning mangrove forest and seeing the rare Bali Starling within Plataran’s bird sanctuary through the “Trails of Life” program. Furthermore, various conservation programs are available for you to partake too. These programs include making wild bee nests, planting coral reefs, as well as planting endemic trees and mangroves.


4. Tembudan Berseri Mangrove Park, Berau, East Kalimantan 


Next, there's the Mangrove Forest in Tembudan Village which was initiated in 2017. With a land area of 3,000 hectares, this mangrove forest has become one of the destinations in East Kalimantan that has successfully implemented low-carbon-based ecotourism. Here, you can tour the stunning forest and witness several exotic animals swimming along the river or hanging around the trees. There’s also a serene island perfect for relaxing not too far from here. Known as Manimbora Island, this tiny island provides an enchanting panorama.


5. Klawalu Mangrove Park, Sorong, West Papua 


Lastly, there is the Klawalu Mangrove Park, one of the first mangrove-based destinations in West Papua. Can be found in the east of Sorong City, this conservation park offers a lot of exciting activities. There's a watchtower where you can see the phenomenal view of the mangrove forest. Then there’s also a colorful bridge which has become a popular selfie spot among visitors. After having fun taking pictures, you can then learn about the functions and importance of mangrove forests. You can also take an educational tour where you will be given many valuable information about mangrove. Do also try various local foods and buy some local eco-friendly handicrafts available at the kiosks around the park!


Have you decided which sustainable destination you will visit first? Plan your vacation as soon as possible and enjoy an exciting yet educational journey! Don't forget to also count your carbon footprint with our carbon calculator! Before you go, please get up to date with the CHSE (cleanliness, health, safety, and environmental sustainability) protocols.

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