Museum Macan : Jakarta’s New Iconic Art Space


Museum Macan stands for The Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Nusantara. Located in West Jakarta, it has become an oasis for art enthusiast. The museum opens for the public in 2017 with a successful inaugural exhibition “Art Turns, World Turns: Exploring The Collection of The Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Nusantara ”.

The museum’s mission is to be a platform for artist to showcase their art to a global audience. Both local and international aspiring artist, in and beyond Indonesia will have a chance to be curated for their outstanding works in contemporary art realm.

Education through art, cultural exchange and professional development for flourishing art-professionals are some of their tailored support for Indonesia’s growing art community.

With active events of special programs and exhibition, Museum Macan allure visitors across all ages.

Established in a 4000 square meter area, the museum provides a comfortable and exciting experience for its visitors.

The Floating Garden is an interesting art space dedicated for children, located on level M. Created by local artistEntangWiharso, space is a highlight with colorful acrylics and specially made metal plates, planted on round desks.

Children can then ask for papers to trace the embossed metal textures with colored pencils, and create their own personal masterpiece! And adults can try them for fun as well!

Image 1: The Floating Garden

Image 2: Fun artistic tracing activities for children


Current Exhibition: Yayoi Kusama’s “ Life is The Heart of a Rainbow"

Yayoi Kusama is a Japanese artist, a prominent figure in the world of contemporary art, famous for her eccentric psychedelic spirit. This exhibition was opened on May 12th and will be closed on September 9th, 2018. It is the first time ever in Jakarta and in Indonesia, for Yayoi Kusama’s artistic works to be showcased in a large collection of over than 130 masterpieces.

Museum Macan curated each important milestones throughout her 70 years of practice and nicely arranged them in sequence. Make sure you start by reading her biography wall to get to know her before you step into her work and awe.

Image 3: Yayoi Kusama’s Biography Wall

Born in 1929, Yayoi Kusama suffers hallucination from a young age and finally found art as a way to cope with anxiety. Dots and patterns with vivid colors often appear in her mind and later inspire the details of her enticing art.

“Life is The Heart of a Rainbow“ was depicted as the title of this exhibition. It is one of the latest painting series, that she has been working to complete her collection of “My Eternal Soul”. Started in 2009, the collection’s creation is still ongoing today with more than 500 paintings produced.

To guide you through, here is the list of featured highlight that you must experience at Museum Macan soon!


Great Gigantic Pumpkin

Image 4: The famous giant pumpkin was created in 2013

One of the most eye-catching features is this giant pumpkin with bright yellow and black dotted patterns. The seemingly cartoonish pumpkin will draw your attention, as you step in level M of Museum Macan. Behind the pumpkin, you can see her next iconic work that will make you feel bubbly and excited to explore more.


Dots Obsession

Image 5: Playful ambiance of the Dots Obsession, a creation from 2009

In art, perception is what makes every piece somewhat of a personal experience. The Dots Obsession might remind you of cheerful polkadot balloons, a vivid toy ball in gigantic sizes or simply an interesting composition of form and volumes.

You can enter one of the dotted domes and are allowed to take a picture inside the mirrored room. But be fast, because you will only have 30 seconds to take a picture inside!


Narcissus Garden

Image 6: Can you spot a reflection of yourself in these spheres?

Thousands of shiny silver spheres are composed tightly with a huge background of Yayoi Kusama lying between these mirror-like reflective balls. This piece was originally displayed in an unofficial landscape installation at the 33rd Venice Biennale back in 1966.
It was also inspired by a figure in Greek mythology, who was incredibly handsome and falls in love with his own image, reflected by the water’s surface.


Experiments in Japan

This art piece is quite interesting, and yet again challenging your perception. It is inspired by Yayoi’s early works, meticulously combining her characteristic shapes of polka dot, pumpkin, and flowers.

Within a few walks away from this point, you can enter another room that will give you that Instagramable picture! Don’t miss out to have a look inside “The Spirits of The Pumpkins Descended Into The Heavens”.

Image 7: You have to peek inside to view this masterpiece!

Love Forever

Image 8: “Signs of Spring” from Love Forever series

Being the only monochromatic collection of Kusama’s in Museum Macan, Love Forever actually includes children-inspired lines. In the middle of the room, you can find a large installation made from colorful lights, reflected with mirrors named “I Want To Love on The Festival Night” created in 2017.


Manhattan Suicide Addict

A short video inside a small theatre, where you can sit down and listen to Yayoi Kusama singing her original song. There are also two other video screens that showcase her artistic approach involving flowers.

Image 9: Here, you can see how she also write powerful lyrics


My Eternal Soul

Strong, colorful and contrast ambiance are all made visible in Kusama’s work for this particular collection.

Image 10: vivid contrast in My Eternal Soul painting series

The Infinity Mirrored Room – Brilliance of The Souls

This spot must be the most sought out installation in the gallery, hence the long queue lines. Created from mirrors, colorful LED’s and creatively incorporating the reflective character of water surface, you only have 20 seconds to be in the room.

You will have to get the perfect shot quickly, before the door opens and mark your time out. You can return to have a second chance inside, but you will have to go back to queue in the line again.

 Image 11: no second is wasted at the Infinity Mirrored Room

The Obliteration Room

On Level 6 of Museum Macan, you will find the Obliteration Room. Kusama’s have been seeing dots covering just about everything she saw from when she was little, thus making the actual form of those things to blot out. She calls the process “obliteration”, meaning the complete destruction of every trace of something.

You can have so much fun decorating the white washed room with multi size polka dots stickers, and you also have limited time to enjoy this space.

Image 12: can you recognize what object is in this wall side?


Things To Know Before You Go

If this will be your first time ever to visit Museum Macan, then here are some things that are simply important to understand before you enjoy your time at this extraordinary space.



For tickets, you can book in advance and choose the date and time that suits your schedule. There are various ticket prices valid for children and adults to book online. Pop up ticket booth is also available for those who spontaneously wants to come check this cool place out.

Image 13: you can collect this cool ticket for souvenir

It is best to re-confirm your online ticket purchases to the museum staff before you enter the exhibition areas for convenience. Make sure to notice the date and time validity on your ticket, because the museum limits how many hours you can spend in the museum for each ticket.

Also, note the operational hours of Museum Macan. The museum opens from 10 am – 8 pm on Tuesday to Sunday, with last entry and installation queue, closed at 7 pm.

You can also join MACAN society, a membership advantage that guarantees priority privileges, such as access to private previews, year round free admissions and valuable discounts to spend at the museum’s shop.



Rules are surely not made to be broken here, so please respect yourself and follow through. These rules are made solely to provide an enjoyable experience for anyone who visits Museum Macan.

Image 14: another head turning masterpiece that you can only framed with mobile phone camera

  • You are only allowed to take pictures or record videos with your mobile phone. SLR camera, DSLR camera or other recording and photography gadgets are not allowed to be used inside Museum Macan.
  • No monopod, tripod, selfie sticks or any photography tools are allowed in the area.
  • Food and drinks can only be enjoyed in the designated area, such as the coffee shops available in certain levels of Museum Macan. No food or beverage allowed to bring inside the gallery.
  • Do not touch the artworks. For obvious reason, please be mindful of where you step around any installation and do not touch anything.
  • To store your belongings, do bring your small bag here, because any bag that measured more than 32x24x15 cm must be stored in the cloakroom.
  • Keep calm and maintain your behavior. For an enjoyable moments at Museum Macan, please put your mobile phone in silent mode, speak softly and walk calmly throughout the exhibition paths.


So now, here are the extra tips to prepare you before setting off to an artistic pleasure at Museum Macan.

Image 15: Level M of Museum Macan, with pop up coffee corner

  • If possible, book your ticket for weekdays, because on weekends you may find a much longer que and larger groups of visitors. There are also tour schedules that you can book in advance if you are visiting as groups.
  • Wear comfortable shoes! Because sometimes the ques to get to a favorite installation can get super long.
  • If you are not a selfie fans, make sure to bring someone to join you, to help you with taking great pictures. Kindly note that you can’t ask the museum staff to assist you in taking your pictures, so you better be ready with a reliable phone camera with timer mode or a good friend with a helping hand!
  • Okay, this one is really important. To make sure that you don’t run out of batteries before securing every perfect shot, then bring a power bank for extra power. In average, people spend 2 hours to cover all the galleries, how many of photos or videos do you think they take? Visit and find the answer yourself!


Get There

From SoekarnoHatta International Airport, it takes around 35 minutes to get here, depending on the traffic. You can get here by rented car, taxi, motorcycle or public transportation. From nearby cities like Bogor, you can ride a train and hop on several modes like bus then the local angkot vehicle, before getting to Museum Macan.

Get Around

Inside the museum, it is really convenient to stroll around. Museum Macan have elevators for visitors that might have certain disabilities. Museum Macan provides a children guide book to help informed the little curious guest with fun and informative guidance. The current exhibition guide book is also available to help you navigate through the collection.

Image 16: Don’t leave without buying some of these signature products

You can ask for these guides while browsing the artsy and amazing souvenirs at the Museum Shop, located just before the gallery’s entrance.
All you have to do now is book a ticket and get ready to be moved and inspired by art at Museum Macan!

For more detailed information, you can go tohttps://www.museummacan.org/

AKR Tower, Level MM .JalanPanjang No.5 .KebonJeruk, Jakarta Barat 11530 , Indonesia
Phone : +62 21 2212 1888 . Email : info@museummacan.org


Image Source of Header: Yayoi Kusama’s My Eternal Soul Painting Series