Going to Raja Ampat? Stay at These 5 Resorts to Make Your Trip Better!

Eye-soothing turquoise sea, breathtakingly lush isles, and diverse marine life. These are some of the things that made Raja Ampat in West Papua a highly yearned destination for peace-seekers and explorers alike. These extraordinary attractions wouldn’t be complete without inspiring resorts providing stellar staying experiences that’ll make your trip to Raja Ampat even more memorable. Are you looking forward to spend a good time here but still struggling to find the perfect resort? No need to worry! Below we have brought you five resorts in Raja Ampat worthy to be chosen as your holiday accommodation!


1. Raja Ampat Biodiversity Nature Resort




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Set on the heavenly Yenanas Beach, Raja Ampat Biodiversity Nature Resort provides a truly relaxing environment. Three types of cottages available on the resort are constructed sustainably. Each of the cottage’s interiors is decorated with a traditional Papuan style in mind. Indulge yourself in mouthwatering Indonesian cuisine in the company of a vast blue sea. Take a tour to the mesmerizing Fam Islands, witness magnificent manta rays at a dive and snorkel site known as Melissa’s Garden, then have an unforgettable lunch in the middle of a magical mangrove forest!

Address: Yenanas, Yenbeser, South Waigeo, Raja Ampat Regency, West Papua 98482

Phone: 0812 4881 3677



2. Meridian Adventure Marina Club & Resort Waisai


Another resort on Waigeo Island you should check out is Meridian Adventure Marina Club & Resort Waisai. This eco-friendly resort can be found standing in the southern corner of the island. Boasting exclusive rooms and services, this resort is perfect for those who wish to have a luxurious stay. If you’re looking to experience the culture and warm hospitality of the island, the resort also offers a comfy homestay on the shoreline where you can mingle with the locals. A dive center with access to more than 100 beautiful dive sites is available within the resort too! Truly a haven for all kinds of travelers!

Address: Waisai, Raja Ampat Regency, West Papua 98482

Phone: 0822 4854 0774



3. Sorido Bay Resort


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Do you want to stay in a resort with easy access to one of the richest dive sites in the world? Then, have a look at Sorida Bay Resort! This exotic resort is situated in the east of Kri Island. Overlooking a scenic lagoon and featuring seven spacious and cozy bungalows, Sorido Bay Resort is located quite close to Cape Kri, a famous dive site known to house about 374 different species of reef fishes. Behind the resort, you can also explore a jungle where you can find plenty of interesting creatures such as monitor lizards, cuscus, and various tropical birds.

Address: CMVM+9XP Kri Island, Yenbuba, Meos Mansar, Raja Ampat Regency, West Papua

Phone: 0811 4834 614



4. Misool Resort


Experience an extraordinary stay at Raja Ampat’s most precious hidden gem! As the name suggests, Misool Resort is an open-air eco-resort located in the southeast of Misool Island. Misool itself is one of the four largest islands of Raja Ampat that is renowned for its unique attractions. Within the resort, a great selection of villas and cottages each offering gorgeous panoramas are available for you to choose. Enjoy a mix of local, healthy, and sustainable delicacies at the resort's restaurant! Do also go on a fun cruise around the pristine sea of Misool with the resort’s private transfer boat, Merantau!

Address: Yellu, South Misool, Raja Ampat Regency, West Papua 98483



5. Papua Paradise Eco Resort

Stretching along the charming shoreline of Birie Island, Papua Paradise Eco Resort is nestled between an enchanting seaside and a marvelous lush forest. The resort features 26 cozy bungalows with an uninterrupted view of the sea. At the resort’s restaurant, you can taste a wide range of Indonesian and European cuisine. Come to the nearby diving facility and give yourself a chance to witness many exotic sea creatures including the cute and rare dugongs!

Address: Arefi Birie Island, Arefi, Selat Sagawin, Kabupaten Raja Ampat, Papua Bar. 98484

Phone: 0821 9045 2969



Now which one of the above resorts you’re going to book for a holiday in Raja Ampat? While choosing the best one for you, make sure to also check out the latest regulation to enter the country. Always comply with the CHSE (cleanliness, health, safety, and environmental sustainability) protocol too wherever you are.

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