Banyuwangi Beaches for Beginner Surfers


Did you know that surfing comes in many different types? Surfing has become a culture expanding beyond the sport itself. Gear and fashion apparel are flourishing worldwide for the love of surf. Besides getting ecstatic for having skills to maneuver a board, surfing can be done in various locations other than by the beach. Stand-up surfing on beach waves is the most famous and has become one of the most challenging extreme sports to try. There’s also kite surfing, windsurfing and sidewalk surfing known as skateboarding.

The district of Banyuwangi, - located at the extreme eastern end of Java just across the island of  Bali, -  is blessed with many natural wonders. One among which  is its spectacular beaches. The beaches  here are situated either close to the city, secluded beyond the rainforests or lie hidden on a remote island. The most famous beach that has brought the name of Banyuwangi to the world’s attention are the Red Island Beach, The G-Land Beach and The Tabuhan Island Beach. Each has its own special character favoured by visitors, especially those who seek to play among the waves. But the G-land Beach is pretty dangerous, since it has some reef bottoms and high waves that are not for first time surfers. So let’s focus on the two other spectacular beaches for you to try out surfing!

1.     The Red Island Beach

Also known locally as the Pulau Merah Beach, it is  located reasonably close to the city of  Banyuwangi. It’s about 60 km away, a good 2-2.5 hours’ drive to get to one of this most unique beach in the district. It’s called Red Island, because the white beach sand  has mixed with the soil below  that has come down this mountain shaped island. The island has red soil and is grown with lush vegetation. You can visit it when at low tide. Some people also say that it’s called Red Island because of the reddish sky that is created when the sunset touches the crimson sand.

On weekends the Red Island is crowded with local visitors because of  its proximity to the city and is easily accessible by road. Year after year it has  grown into a hot tourist destination. Last year in 2015, the 4th International Surfing Competition was held here in September. Surfers gathered from 20 different countries from around the world to compete in 7 categories : the open international,  the national, expat, long board, paddle race , grommet for 14 years old, and pushing division for 10 years old.

Red Island is the perfect place for surfing competitions because of its consistent waves and sandy seabed . Waves are long and have an approximate height of 2  to 5 meters, which makes it perfect for practising your surfing skills. Surf camps are flourishing around the area, offering gear for rent and basic lessons on how to ride the waves. Accomodation is available for visitors to choose from, and while you are here, do try the delicious food. Local children are also starting to get more interested in surfing, and can be seen joining training lessons.

2.     The Tabuhan Island Beach

Located in the Bali Strait between Java and Bali, this 5 hectares  uninhabited island has the perfect winds for kite surfing and wind surfing.

As a matter of fact, in August 2015 a Pro Kiteboarding event was held here to invite kite surfers from all corners of the world. Picture perfect scenery of white sand and clear water combined with wind speed of up to 25 knots make this particular part of  Banyuwangi a new potential tourist destination. The perfect winds are estimated to occur between May to November.

Kite surfing is a sport that uses a board, that is safely strapped to your feet,  a kite manufactured with special durable fabric and a handle to assist your grip. The wind will fly the kite and carry you around the sea surface, allowing you to make tricks and moves, such as jumping or twirling.

While, wind surfing is a combination of stand up surfing and sailing. The board has a sail attached to it, with handles to grip onto. The perfect strong wind will sweep you fast across the ocean, giving exhillarating sensation of maneuvering around the ocean through the force of nature.

Both types of wind powered surfing are so much fun to try for beginners. But visitors need to bring their own equipment to try this here, since there are no places to rent them from.

Tabuhan island is indeed a slice of paradise, with unspoilt beauty and crystal clear blue water. This pearly beach is also loved by locals. You can easily get here by continuing your journey from Banyuwangi city to the Kampe Beach at Bangsring, then take a boat to the island.

Playing in the sand, swimming and snorkeling are some of the activities that visitors do during their stay here. No facilities are yet available , so you should  bring your own food and supplies. And please do not forget to also bring  rubbish container bags for your trash, to help keeping this pretty beach neat and clean.

This city is a gem that has a lot to enthrall you. Visit beyond  the beaches to find abundant memorable epic adventures. Feel how nature cradles and soothes you  in the serenity that spells Banyuwangi.

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