6 Reasons for You to Explore Quality Tourism


Indonesia is encouraging its visitors to start exploring quality tourism by the time the pandemic ends. What is ‘quality tourism’ and how different it is from the usual, ordinary tourism done by travelers before? Basically, the concept of quality tourism is to spend one’s time in a destination by truly maximizing the whole journey and also being a responsible traveler. For example, if you are choosing to go to Bali, instead of only visiting one popular place in a brief time, try staying longer in one area to explore the neighborhood. For instance, you can stop by Penglipuran Tourist Village, discover Bali’s hidden waterfalls, taste the mouthwatering local cuisines, and do many other activities in a three-day or more visit.

Some of you might still consider exploring many other destinations in three-days favorable. However, there are valid reasons why quality tourism is a thing that should not be dismissed. You would want to check these out for some life-changing advice for your future traveling experience.

1 | Experiencing Completely Immersive Kind of Tourism

influencer having holiday on a beach

Image by zilmizola

Doing quality tourism means you get to explore a destination in a much deeper way. In one round flight, you can get so much knowledge and insights about the destination you are visiting much more than the ones who only stop by one or two tourism spots at the destination. Imagine going to Mandalika for 3 days and you already know where to go for a spa time, where to find the best local cuisine, where is the best place to surf, where to take extraordinary selfies, and many others.

Imagine feeling at home in a place many people refer to as paradise. Isn't it such a wonderful experience?

2 | Learning New Life-Changing Philosophies from the Locals

The concept of quality tourism encourages you to savor the wonders of the destination by engaging with the local communities. Once in a while, make small conversation with the locals that manage your trip, bartend the clubs you are visiting, serve you in a restaurant you are dining in, or rent the inn you are staying in.

a tourist learning how to filter rice

If you are visiting a tourist village-like Nglanggeran, be sure to also blend well with the locals and obey the norms, as you will find many life-changing philosophies by learning from their way of life and traditions. Who knows, maybe you will also find interesting stories from them. Indonesians are very friendly, especially those who live in the tourism area. Don’t be shy to mingle with them!

3 | Contribute to the Sustainability of Local Community

When it comes to engaging with the local community, quality tourism doesn’t only require its visitors to talk and learn some stories from the locals, but also take part in their social and economic activities.

local handwoven products

Participate more by purchasing local products in the traditional market to support their micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs). Share the stories on your social media platforms, write it on your blog, let the whole world know about them so people will be eager to visit and experience the same thing as you do. By doing so, you will contribute to the sustainability of their local community while also having fun in the place you are visiting.

4 | Being an Important Part in Environmental Preservation

Social and economic affairs should not be the only thing that you participate in when it comes to quality tourism. At the bare minimum, you need to also be a responsible traveler that knows not to litter, harass public places, and always respect the norms and rules of the place you are visiting.

tourists cleaning up the beach

There are plenty of advantages in learning to be a responsible traveler, amongst them is you will be able to learn how to be a better person. Last but not least, don’t forget to also inspire your family, friends, and even your social media followers to be responsible travelers. Make sure you also become a part of their economic growth while also contributing to their environmental preservation. Your trip would not only become exciting but also meaningful to the wellbeing of the local environment.

5 | Finding Many New Hidden Gems on the Destinations

leuwi hejo waterfall

Now, let’s talk about the fun part. Everyone knows how satisfying it is to find some new spots that haven’t been discovered by many people before. By doing quality tourism that allows you to engage with the locals and dives deeper into the destination you are visiting, it’s not impossible to get some recommendations about new spots that have never been written in anyone’s travel blog. The locals always know what’s best, so when you finally experience the extraordinary in those overlooked spots, you can be proud of your hidden gems. Go share them with your friends and followers on social media. Or maybe you want to keep them only for yourself, it’s also cool.

6 | Avoiding Larger Crowds for Better Enjoyments

Since we have been getting used to doing social distancing, it would be much safer if we keep continuing that habit after the travel ban has been lifted. After all, a holiday that is far from the maddening crowds is a holiday that is good for the recovery of your mind, body, and soul. Furthermore, Indonesia has also prepared for reopening the borders by strictly implementing the Cleanliness, Health, Safety, and Environmental Sustainability (CHSE) protocols.

a tourist doing social distancing

Rest assured, if quality tourism is the one you are seeking, Indonesia is the perfect destination country for you to do it. Look for more secluded spots like immaculate beaches, hidden waterfalls, and quiet tourist villages, and heal your mind with serenity through quality tourism.


Those are 6 reasons for you to start exploring quality tourism. Now, while waiting for the right time to travel here, we kindly remind you to keep doing as best as you can to stay healthy by doing simple cleanliness habits such as social distancing, wearing masks, and washing your hands frequently. Have you planned your first post-pandemic trip to Indonesia yet?