Witness The Spectacular December Solar Eclipse in Siak


Every astrological event that is visible to humans is a sight for sore eyes. Lucky for you, on the 26th of December 2019 an annular solar eclipse occurs through a narrow corridor sweeping from the Arabian peninsula all the way to the Pacific Ocean via southern India, the Bay of Bengal, Singapore, and Indonesia, which is known as “the path of annularity”.

When the eclipse reaches the landfall on the island of Sumatra in Indonesia, a maximum annular eclipse is going to occur and will last for 3 minutes and 40 seconds 100 kilometers north-east of Pekanbaru, precisely at the town of Siak Sri Indrapura. The view from this spot is surely going to be something that is worth witnessing.

Witness The Spectacular December Solar Eclipse in Siak


First, one has to fly to Sultan Syarief Kasim II International Airport in Pekanbaru. There are two public transportation options once you get there: by bus or by boat. If you choose to ride a bus, you will have to go through either Pekanbaru-Pangkalan Kerinci route which takes 2-3 hours or Rumbai-Minas-Perawang route and then continue by ferry. However, if you choose to go by boat, there is a direct boat from Sungai Duku harbor in Pekanbaru and it takes 2 hours to get to Siak.


The Ministry of Tourism collaborates with Tigobalai Destination Management Company in providing Annular Solar Eclipse Tour Package: Kampung Lalang-Sungai Apit-Siak Sri Indrapura, which will run from the 24th  to the 28th of December 2019. The tour will start from Sultan Syarief Kasim II International Airport on the first day before heading to the hotel. On the second day (25/12) you will drive to Siak Sri Indrapura while stopping by at some tourism spots. Next, you will enjoy the spectacular view of the annular solar eclipse from Kampung Lalang-Sungai Apit on the third day (26/12) and exploring the wonderful sides of Siak Sri Indrapura on the fourth day (27/12) before going back home on the final day (28/12).

Witness The Spectacular December Solar Eclipse in Siak


There are many points of interests that you can find along the trip. At first, you can visit Siak Sri Indrapura Palace, which is a palace-turned-museum that was built by the 11th sultan, Syarif Hasyim Abdul Jalil Syarifuddin in 1889. The architectural design of the building has European influences that blend harmoniously with the Malay and Moorish elements. Around the palace, you can also visit Syahabuddin Mosque and the Tomb of Sultan Sultan Syarief Kasim II, which also has stunning architecture. You can also shop for some snacks and merchandise at Siak River Plaza, which is located near Siak River.

Not only can one savour the rare scene of the annular solar eclipse, but one can also discover the true beauty of Riau’s heritage in Siak Sri Indrapura. So what are you waiting for? Be sure not to miss this momentous moment or you have to wait for another couple of years. Get the Annular Solar Eclipse Tour Package by this link and have a blasting year-end holiday!


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