Join Borobudur Marathon and Feel the Best Route in the World


Head to the center of Java, the home of the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage monument, Borobudur Temple, and join the 2019 Borobudur Marathon. The marathon will be held on Sunday, the 17th of November, 2019 at Lumbini Park, Borobudur Temple located in Magelang, Central Java, Indonesia.

Join Borobudur Marathon and Feel the Best Route in the World

Borobudur Marathon is a yearly event that has been established since 2012. The marathon has proven to be a magnet for runners from all over Indonesia as well as international runners from around the globe. Last year over 10,000 runners from more than 30 countries took part in the event.

Run Hood, a magazine for the runner’s community has dubbed the event as “One of The Best Marathon and Half Marathon in Indonesia” in 2018.

Join Borobudur Marathon and Feel the Best Route in the World

This year, the Government of Central Java in collaboration with Kompas Daily and Bank Jateng are the hosts for this spectacular event. The theme and the tagline for this year’s marathon event are “Manunggaling Rasa, Cipta, Lan Karsa” or “Synergy and Harmony” with the scenic Javanese nature, locals, and culture.

According to the organizing committee, Mr. Lukminto Wibowo in an audience with the Governor of Central Java, Mr. Ganjar Pranowo, online registrations open in June and welcome runners from Indonesia and other parts of the world. There are three categories for the runners to compete: 10Km, 21Km (Half Marathon), and 42Km (Full Marathon). The prize for the first place exceeds 100 million rupiahs in total.

Join Borobudur Marathon and Feel the Best Route in the World

Apart from the excitement of participating in the race with the majestic Borobudur Temple as the grand backdrop for the race, the event is also a treat for runners and tourists to explore Magelang and its local surroundings. Breathe in the refreshing scenic view, experience the warm local hospitality, enjoy the culinary treats, each element embodies and compliments the meaning to race in synergy and harmony with the rich Javanese culture surroundings.

Before or after the marathon, runners and tourists can enjoy a relaxing day around the race venue. Explore the wondrous Borobudur temple, built in the 9th century during the reign of the Syailendra dynasty. The temple is known as one of the world’s largest Buddhist monument, the landmark is a marvel of design, decorated with 2,672 relief panels and 504 Buddha statues. The architecture and stonework of this temple are astonishing.

Additionally, don’t miss the museums and art galleries around the temple area to enlighten yourself about the interesting history of the grand temple.

Join Borobudur Marathon and Feel the Best Route in the World

Get There

Rent a car or join a tour and enjoy a one-hour car drive from Yogyakarta to the site of Borobudur Temple. Savor the fresh cool air on the way to Magelang city where big shady trees are lined along the roads. After arriving at the Borobudur temple compound, most visitors choose to wander around the site on foot. There is some alternative transport to get around the site such as chart a cart (pulled by a horse) at a reasonable price.

Get Around

Climb to the top of Borobudur and learn the history laid out in the intricate detailed stone carvings displayed on the walls of the temple. Guides are available for around Rp 50,000 and they will be able to walk you around the site and explain the history of the temple.

A marathon event with a touch of traditional culture - explore Borobudur Temple and surroundings around Magelang city by enjoying a synergy and harmony RunCation in one of the best marathons to be a part of.  Enjoy the race, the nature, the hospitality of the locals, and also the culture! 

See you on the 17th of November, 2019 at the Borobudur Marathon event!
For further information on race routes and other detailed information, visit https://borobudurmarathon.com/


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