Explore the beauty of Pekalongan with its majestic mountains and rejuvenating waterfalls. Located in Central Java, this area is bounded by the majestic Java Sea, extensive shallow seawater on the Sunda Shelf. The beauty of its magnificent mountains and picturesque landscapes will leave you at bliss! Pekalongan is definitely the perfect spot to relax and absorb mother nature’s glory.

Nature seekers can enjoy a trip to Bajing Waterfall, where you can sight the water crash over the rocky ledge surrounded by lush tropical greenery. It is located at the foot of Mount Rogojembangan, a popular site to trek or experience the golden hour during sunset. Bajing Waterfall is about 45 kilometers from Pekalongan City and it is easily accessible by car. Its fresh cooling atmosphere and panoramic views make an ethereal escapade for adventurers.


Besides its mesmerizing natural scenery, it is also recognized for its intricate Batik often naming this destination as “Batik City”. This is because handicrafts of hand-drawn or hand-stamped Batik from Pekalongan are a part of the main pillars in the city’s economy. Many people love to buy these stunning masterpieces since Pekalongan Batik is known for its distinctive bright colors and flower patterns. Areas like Buaran and Wiradesa have become Batik production centers as they are home to famous manufacturers like Batik Humas. Even UNESCO identified Pekalongan as the “Creative City of Crafts and Folk Arts” in 2014, placing this city a trove for Indonesia’s handicrafts and art. 


Those interested to take a heritage trip to this area can go to Museum Batik Pekalongan. There, you will be guided to the process and history of the city’s authentic batik patterns. The museum even offers workshops and performances for those who visit during national batik month. It is located at Jl. Jetayu No 3, Panjang Wetan, Pekalongan Utara, just 13 minutes from Pekalongan Train Station.


Get Around

A popular form of transportation in Pekalongan is motorbike. You can easily rent it to go to different attractions in the area. If you prefer a more comfortable way of getting around this city, you can also opt to rent a car. Another unique option is to take Trans Cafe Bus, a transportation bus specifically designed for passengers to go to Pekalongan’s main tourist attractions while also enjoying cuisines and drinks. The ticket ranges from Rp 10,000 to Rp 30,000, depending on the size of the bus.

Get There


There are many ways to go to Pekalongan. You can go there by airplane as its nearest airport is the Ahmad Yani International Airport in Semarang. From there, you need to take a 1 hour 20-minute car drive to reach the area. Another popular method is by taking the train from Gambir Station in Jakarta to Pekalongan Train Station; the journey can take around 4-5 hours. You can also travel to Pekalongan from Jakarta by car, taking the Cikopo–Palimanan Highway. The car ride will take around 4 hours.


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