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These 9 Fun Activities around Borobudur Will Make Your Trip Unforgettable


Do you know what awaits you at the tourism villages around Borobudur? A warm welcome, a relaxing atmosphere, and an authentic insight into the local culture. Arrive at the Adisucipto International Airport and take a bus or hire a car to reach Borobudur, Jogja. The Borobudur Temple is a major tourist attraction, but the tourism villages around Borobudur have a charm and beauty of their own.

They support sustainable tourism and offer a chance to engage in enjoyable activities and experience Javanese rural life first-hand. Here are 9 things that should definitely top your rural Borobudur tour bucket list:

1. Make Your Own Batik


Designated as a Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2009, the Indonesian Batik is a traditional textile originating from Java. Batik is an intricate art form where a wax-resistant dye is used to produce patterns on a cloth. Learn batik-making from the locals and create your own masterpiece.

2. Cook Some Mendoan


Cook your way to the local life; make some Mendoan, thin battered tempeh that’s fried in very hot oil. Get connected to the locals as they teach you how to make this traditional savory snack.

3. Have A Go at Earthenware Pottery

Unleash your crafty side and make some pottery. Learn traditional techniques from the skillful craftsmen of the Borobudur tourism villages who make beautiful housewares and ornaments from clay.

4. Play The Gamelan


Feel the music on your trip to the villages around Borobudur. Take some music lessons from the local gamelan artists and have fun practicing a tune or two an on this traditional instrumental ensemble.

5. Ride An Ontel


Image by polasalem

Prefer cycling around on your rural Borobudur trip? Ride an Ontel, a unique vintage bike that has been a transportation icon in Yogyakarta since the ‘70s. Paddle across the villages, observe the life of rural communities and admire the natural scenery.

6. Go Sightseeing in A Vintage Car


Image by thewanderlover

Love classic cars? Take an exciting tour of the Borobudur villages in a VW Cabriolet and have a memorable countryside sightseeing experience.

7. Drink Jamu and Sip on Local Coffee


Replenish yourself; try some Jamu, a traditional herbal drink made with natural ingredients. This drink has been around for ages and is used by the locals to cure ailments and boost general health. Coffee lovers can sip on some freshly-brewed local coffee while enjoying the calm village atmosphere.

8. Learn from The Local Farmers


The inhabitants of the villages around Borobudur are mainly farmers and can be seen working hard in the rice fields and agriculture farms. The friendly farmers allow you to watch and even work alongside them, giving you the chance to learn a few things about farming.

9. Participate in A Traditional Dance Performance

Jathilan, kubro siswo, gambyong, and dayakan are some of the traditional dances performed in the villages around Borobudur. Observe the dynamic movements and join the dancers who will help you get around with the dance steps.


Adventure seekers can enjoy the thrills of white-water rafting in the Elo and Progo rivers and be awed by the beautiful scenery while crossing the challenging river rapids. History buffs can chill at the archaeological Karmawibhanga Museum and the maritime Samudraraksa Museum. 

So carve out an extraordinary experience on your tour around the quaint Borobudur villages and engage in a variety of activities to enjoy the unique flavors of the local culture. (HR)