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Spark Your Creativity with These 5 Traveling Ideas


When you're experiencing a creative block, sometimes all you need to do is find a new environment. A place to awaken that spark. Where might you ask? Indonesia, of course! With its vibrant cultures and exciting local experiences, the archipelago offers the best place to enlighten your creativity. To guide you to a place full of inspiration and imagination, we have gathered a list of creative travel spots for you to put on your bucket list!

Here are 5 exciting travel ideas you can explore for the future!

1 | Learn how to create batik at Batik Trusmi Village, West Java

Did you know that Batik Trusmi Village is home to more than 3,000 batik craftsmen? Yes, you read it right. Over 3,000 people here dedicate their lives to create stunning Indonesian batik! Located in Cirebon, West Java, this batik village is a great place to learn the ways of the locals and understand the art of batik. You can also make your very own authentic Trusmi batik. After some time exploring its intricate arts, you can take a break and try Cirebon's tasty cuisines. Get a bite of its traditional food, like empal gentong and nasi jamblang. You will surely have a mouth-watering experience while traveling to this creative village!

2 | Read an inspiring book at Microlibrary Warak Kayu, Semarang, Central Java

Image by microlibrary_warakkayu

Boost your creativity with a good book and amazing views at Microlibrary Warak Kayu. This SHAU's (Suryawinata Haizelman Architecture Urbanism) iconic building boasts modern eco-friendly architecture design in the peaceful city of Semarang, Central Java. Here you can enjoy the fresh outdoors while borrowing one of the many sections of novels and books. You can borrow an inspiring book to further spark your creative mind. Numerous workshops and presentations also take place in this library, bringing in more creative excitement in the location. You can also expect to get a great view of Kampung Pelangi, just 400 meters away from the library. Explore this area and find out why ArchDaily Awards awarded Microlibrary Warak Kayu Building of the Year 2021!

3 | Sight Javanese art at Borobudur Unique & Art Gallery Indonesia, Central Java

Borobudur. The place to immerse in history and scenic landscape. It's also the place to sight the art collection at the Borobudur Unique & Art Gallery Indonesia! You can observe the smallest Buddha statue, a fascinating record-breaking art piece. Get a good look at it from a magnifying glass since it's only 8 millimeters in height and made of gold! The gallery also showcases other antique collections, including a photo gallery, ancient radio, and television. Borobudur Unique & Art Gallery Indonesia is still part of the Borobudur Park in Magelang, Central Java. It's only a 5-minute walk from the Borobudur Temple, so be sure to take a creative visit to its museum!

4 | View the Balinese life through art at Blanco Renaissance Museum, Bali

The moment you step into the Blanco Renaissance Museum, you'll sense the painter's compassion towards Bali. Do you know why? Because the painter fell in love with Bali so much, he decided to build this museum! His name was Antonio Blanco, a Spanish painter born in the Philippines. During his trip to Bali in 1952, he immediately fell head over heels for the island and decided to build the Blanco Renaissance Museum. Now, his son, Dinasti Blanco, continues his father’s legacy in this art gallery. Here, you can view Antonio's artwork dedicated to the life of local Balinese and its mesmerizing culture. Travel to Campuhan, Ubud, to get a glimpse of his dedicated artwork of Bali. Now, that's true love and dedication for your creative minds!

5 | Create Stunning Tenun at Sade Village, West Nusa Tenggara

Enlighten yourself with the hand-weaving village in Sade, West Nusa Tenggara! This destination offers a place to discover the rich culture of the Sasak tribe, including a chance to create your very own tenun fabric. The weaving methods in Sade Village still follow conventional methods. Even in dying process, the coloring materials used are natural, such as red bark trees and turmeric. Though it might look effortless, tenun fabric from Sade Village can take up to a few weeks to a month to finish!

When you've learned the ways of the Sasak tribe, you can also explore its well-known traditional houses. It's made of everyday materials found around the area, like wood and bamboo. The clay they used to build the house structure is mixed with buffalo dung. Strangely enough, the houses are entirely odorless. Understanding these traditions and the local's way of life will surely spark your creativity!


It won't take you long to realize that Indonesia boasts endless possibilities to inspire your creative minds. Whether it's their memorable villages, stunning museums, and one-of-a-kind library, Indonesia is the place to go for creative people like you! Plan a tour of creativity right here, in this tropical archipelago! Don't forget to implement strict CHSE (Cleanliness, Health, Safety, and Environmental Sustainability) protocols for your future travels to Indonesia! This means always wear a mask, wash your hands, and keep your distance.