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Searching for Hidden Gems in Bali? Check out this Nusa Islands Guide!

Known as an exotic sanctuary full of all kinds of attractions, Bali has gained legendary status among travelers from around the world. With striking natural landscapes, upscale resorts, delightful culinary, unique culture, and vibrant nightlife, The Island of Gods never ceases to amaze everyone who set their foot here. But did you know that there is more to unveil in Bali beyond the main island? Start a journey to the southeast and get ready to witness so many new wonders you’ve never seen before at Nusa islands: three small islands near Bali! Below we have brought you a guide to exploring Nusa Penida, Nusa Ceningan, and Nusa Lembongan. Let’s have a glance at some of the best things to do here!


1.  The incredible Nusa Penida 


Nusa Penida is the biggest island among the three Nusa islands. Rarely noticed by travelers initially, these days Nusa Penida has started to gain a lot of attention from domestic and international travelers alike. Here, there are a wide array of attractions you can see. On the southwestern edge of the island, there is a diving spot known as Gamat Bay where you can witness various exotic fishes and coral reefs.

To the southeast of Gamat Bay, you can also find a gorgeous beach known as the best sunset spot on the island. With its stretching white sands and vibrant waters, lingering at Crystal Bay can be the most unforgettable holiday moment you've ever had.

Seeking more mesmerizing beaches that are perfect for winding down? Then, just head over to Prapat Beach and Kutampi Beach in the north of the island. Do also check out another  dazzling beach on the eastern edge of Nusa Penida known as Suwehan Beach. It's a perfect spot for those who prefer a less-crowded beach.

At the end of your exploration, come spend a good night at one of the best hotels in Nusa Islands, Māua Nusa Penida. This luxurious eco-resort provides exquisite facilities and services that can make you wish to spend another day in Nusa Penida!


2.  The unbelievable Nusa Ceningan 


As the smallest island of the three Nusa islands, Nusa Ceningan holds a truly unbelievable beauty. Despite its size, the wonders of Nusa Ceningan can match the charm of the neighboring wonders. Gorgeous shorelines with soft white sand overlooking a stunning marine panorama surround the island. Its seas are filled with a myriad of otherworldly coral reefs and sea creatures too.

One of the spots that you have to visit in Nusa Ceningan is Secret Point Beach, a secluded beach located in the southwest of the island. Once you’ve arrived on this beach, you will be immediately greeted by a dashing tropical scenery suitable for relaxing. Or set your foot at Blue Lagoon, an otherworldly cove located not too far from Secret Point Beach. Prefer something that can rush your adrenaline? Head over to Abyss Zipline at Island Cove Resort, just a few walks from Secret Point Beach. Looking to enjoy a wonderful sunset from this island? Just come over to Bias Munjul Beach or Song Tepo Beach near the Yellow Point Bridge!


3.  The enjoyable Nusa Lembongan 


Situated at the northwesternmost point of the Nusa islands, Nusa Lembongan also holds an extraordinary charm that is rarely recognized by many travelers just yet. Its seasides are backed by striking rocky cliffs and eye-soothing beaches, capable of leaving you utterly speechless. There are many things you can do to enjoy a holiday in Nusa Lembongan, one of them is visiting Dream Beach. Lying on the southwestern tip of the island, Dream Beach is known for its alluring pale sands and how pretty immense it is. Not too far north of Dream Beach, there's also Sunset Point, a beach providing a fantastic view during sundown. Jungutbatu Beach in the northwest of the island also provides a breathtaking sunset. Here, you can also enjoy a great selection of local dishes too while watching the sunset. Looking to further explore Nusa Lembongan? Take a journey through an eye-catching Mangrove Point located in the northeastern corner of the island! Need something more unique? Go to Gala-Gala Underground House and explore a magical limestone dwelling!

To explore the three nusas, you can reach each of the island by taking a ferry from Sanur Beach, Padangbai Harbor, or Benoa Harbor. The prices may vary depending on the types of boat you choose.


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