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Find Wellness in These 7 Indonesian Tea Garden Locations


As the 7th largest tea production in the world, Indonesia offers one of the best cups of tea. It’s no wonder that their tea gardens are exceptional to seek, not only for its delicious goodness but also as a tourist attraction. Whether you are a tea lover or perhaps you need a digital detox, why not indulge yourself in exploring these 7 picturesque Indonesian Tea Garden Locations?

1 | Sidamanik Tea Garden, Simalungun, North Sumatra

tea garden

As the oldest tea plantation in Sumatra, Sidamanik Tea Garden is best known for its famous Bah Butong or Black Tea, often exported to different parts of the world. The site offers picturesque scenery of endless vivid shrubs in its mountainous surface. In the morning, tourists can sight the sunrise in the garden as its farmers harvest the best quality leaves. Its 8,373 hectares of land is perfect to explore and take infinite pictures! While you’re there, you can also take a 20-minute drive to Bah Biak Waterfall and swim in its cool pristine waters. 

2 | Kayu Aro Tea Plantation, Jambi, West Sumatra

tea garden

Listed as Indonesia’s biggest tea plantation, Kayu Aro Tea Plantation is an outstanding tea garden in the outskirts of Jambi Province. It is the ideal spot for nature lovers to relax as the time slowly passes and the crisp cool breeze tickling your face. You can also witness Mount Kerinci stand majestically from the location, as it directly sits beneath the lands of the garden. Once you have enough of nature's refreshing atmosphere, you can rest in the local food places close by, sipping their excellent black tea, named orthodox tea.

3 | Puncak Gunung Mas Tea Garden, Bogor, West Java

tea garden

If you prefer experiencing a rush of adrenaline, then perhaps Puncak Gunung Mas Tea Garden will be foolproof for your future traveling plans! Located at the peak of Bogor, this countryside offers both extreme sports and wellness activities. As an agro-tourist attraction, this bed of foliage has a myriad of family attractions like joining a tea walk, horse riding, tour visits to its factories, and even outbound activities. Those brave enough for extreme sports can also seek paragliding, motocross, or even ATV biking around the jagged land.

4 | Rancabali Tea Plantation, Bandung, West Java

tea garden

As Bandung’s city center offers a creative and modern outlook on its tourism, the rural areas of the city cater to those who desire the natural landscapes. Rancabali Tea Plantation Bandung, based in Ciwidey, is an exceptional spot in Bandung to experience mother nature at its best. This Instagramable site is perfect for tourists who want to enjoy a relaxed trip with tons of beautiful pictures to take! While you’re there, you should enjoy the earth’s best facilities in Glamping Lakeside and have a pampered lunch in Pinisi Resto, less than 8 km away from this area.

5 | Nglinggo Tea Plantation, Kulon Progo, Yogyakarta

tea garden

Located in Kulon Progo Regency in Yogyakarta, Nglinggo Tea Plantation provides serenity through the greenery layers of its garden. Those who want to take a visit to this vast land can trek along the slope of Menoreh Mountain, witness the breath-taking sunrise, or even learn to make an organic brew from locals! Tourists can then rest in nearby accommodations in Rimbono Homestay just a few minutes from the Nglinggo Tea Plantation. The fresh nuance from this adventure can leave you tension free!

6 | Kemuning Tea Garden, Karanganyar, Central Java

tea garden

Situated at the foot of Mount Lawu, Kemuning Tea Garden Karanganyar is an expansion of yellow tea garden fields, stretching as far as the eye can see. In the morning, a blanket of mist will cover the area, filling the atmosphere with the day’s cool winds. At this time of the hour, tourists can enjoy the magical panoramic scenery, replenishing their tranquility and wellness. But it doesn’t stop there, they can even enjoy nature bikes around the hills or even camp at recommended areas. Entertainment facilities are also open to the public, presenting a myriad of outdoor activities like outbound, paragliding, zipline, ATV riding, and even paintball!

7 | Wonosari Tea Garden, Malang, East Java

tea garden

Situated at the slope of Mount Arjuno, Wonosari Tea Garden is an ideal place to be one with nature. Its luscious greenery enveloped with the fresh cool air will leave you mesmerized as you stroll the area. Besides witnessing the panoramic view, you can also observe the tea leaves being processed and transformed into the delicious drink. Located just about 30 km from North Malang, Wonosari Tea Garden can be your next escapade to serenity!


Whether you want to taste different brews of tea or need to bask in nature’s alluring charm, these 7 captivating tea gardens can leave you astonished at what Indonesia has to offer! Now, you too can daydream of a relaxed trip to Indonesia while sipping on your favorite tea blends. Who knows? Perhaps in the future, you too can directly brew your favorite drink straight from the scenic tea gardens of Indonesia.