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Fascinating Events in Indonesia During World Tourism Day Celebration

The United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) has celebrated World Tourism Day since 1980 as a worldwide acknowledgment on 27 September. This date was chosen as on that day in 1970, the Statutes of the UNWTO–which is considered a milestone in global tourism until now–were adopted. This year in 2022, Indonesia is chosen by UNWTO to be the host for  World Tourism Day celebrations with the main theme of “Rethinking Tourism.” There are several events that are going to be held in Indonesia to welcome the festivities. Curious to know what those are? Let’s check them out.


1. The 2nd Tourism Working Group Meeting


Aside from World Tourism Day 2022 celebration, Indonesia is also chosen to be the host of G20 Presidency 2022, whose series of events are currently held in many different places in Indonesia following the peak event that will be held in Bali. Bringing the theme of “Recover Together, Recover Stronger”, one of the topics in G20 Presidency 2022 that brings tourism into the light is the 2nd Tourism Working Group Meeting. The event that will be held offline on 23 September 2022 in Bali will discuss priority sector issues that are handled by the Working Group: a part of G20 decision making-process that consist of experts, ministries, as well as the community. You can check the complete agenda of G20 meetings in September here.

Date: 23 September 2022

Location: Bali

Attended by: G20 Working Group


2. Tourism Ministerial Meeting


Also a part of G20 Presidency 2022 series of events, one of the events related to tourism is the Tourism Ministerial Meeting, which will be held offline on 26 September 2022 in Bali. The event will be attended by all G20 members, invited countries, and relevant international organizations and will discuss mainly about the recovery of the worldwide tourism industry.

Date: 26 September 2022

Location: Bali

Attended by: All G20 Members and relevant parties


3. World Tourism Day


The peak event, which is World Tourism Day, will be held on 27 September 2022 in Bali. In the spirit of “Rethinking Tourism” as the main theme, this event aims to highlight the shift towards tourism being recognized as a crucial pillar of development by emphasizing on the restructuring of quality and sustainable tourism. There will be a lot of tourism-related programs in the series of events, including panel discussion with various stakeholders with the concept of “Rethinking Tourism as a Key Element on Recovery” and “The Tourism We Want” led by representatives from the tourism sector in Bali.

Date: 27 September 2022

Location: Bali

Attended by: International tourism representatives


4. Various Cultural Events  


Aside from all the conferences and meetings, there are also a lot of cultural events in Indonesia that are held following the occasion of the World Tourism Day. One of them is Jakarta Fashion and Food Festival 2022 for the connoisseur of fancy dresses and delectable local dishes. The event is held on 1 September - 9 October in Mall Kelapa Gading - North Jakarta. There is also Makassar International Eight Festival (F8) which is famous for its spectacular celebrations on the cultural richness of South Sulawesi. The event is held on 7 - 11 September at Losari Beach, South Sulawesi. Other events include Solo International Performing Arts, Pinisi Festival, Pesona Kulminasi Festival, and many more. You can check on the detailed schedule of the events here.


This is the moment for Indonesia to showcase its abundant tourism potential on the international stage. Let’s support World Tourism Day 2022 and be a part of its festivities. As always, we want to kindly remind you to be a responsible traveler and comply with all the health protocols. Keep practicing healthy habits such as wearing a mask in public places, washing hands frequently, and implementing social distancing. Learn about the latest international travel regulations and follow our social media accounts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok for updated information regarding tourism and creative economy in Indonesia.