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Experience a Traditional Living Atmosphere at Penglipuran Village, Bali


Do any of you seek to experience a traditional living atmosphere in Bali? Look no further than Penglipuran village! Located in the south of the Bangli regency, about 35 km from Denpasar city, the peaceful village is popular among travelers worldwide as an excellent getaway from urban life. This is evident when you see how serene Penglipuran is from the traditional architecture of the houses as well as the immaculate gardens surrounding the village. In addition, every neighboring resident within the village lives harmoniously. All of these, combined with the hospitality of the locals and all the things you can experience there, will give you an unforgettable experience that you will cherish forever.

What Makes Penglipuran Tourism Village So Special?

Respecting their ancestors, the village still maintains traditional concepts and teachings. The concept, called Tri Hita Karana, is a philosophy of the Balinese Hindu that teaches about the harmony or balance between the relationship of God, humans, and the environment. Tri Hita Karana is also applied in the structure of the village itself through the concept of Tri Mandala. The layout of the village is divided into three parts: Parhyangan (sacred area), Pawongan (settlement area), and Palemahan (graveyard, farming area, etc). Moreover, Penglipuran village was also crowned as the 3rd cleanest village in the world! 

Now, let’s take a look at some of the exciting activities you can do while visiting the village!

1. Learn about Balinese Hindu culture while visiting the temples

a local woman walking in Penglipuran village

There are three temples within Penglipuran village, they are Pura Penataran, Pura Dalem, and Pura Puseh. In the village, you can take a look at various interesting traditions. Some traditions you can witness at Penglipuran village include the annual Galungan day, which is celebrated every 210 days, the Ngusaba ritual, to celebrate the anniversary of the village , and the praying rituals held daily at the temples of the village. You can witness these ceremonies as long as you follow their etiquette to respect the locals and to avoid any inconveniences.

2. Shop and learn about the process of making a handicraft

a keben lukis
Image by penglipuran.net

Penglipuran village can be an excellent place for those who appreciate outstanding artistry because there are plenty of beautiful handicrafts available within the village to shop. The handicrafts that you’ll see in the village include bamboo weaved crafts, keben lukis (painted bamboo weave), carved bamboo masks, miniatures of Penglipuran, as well as other traditional woodcrafts. These handicrafts are sold directly in front of the craftsmen’s homes. In addition, to make the shopping experience more interesting, you can also learn about the process of creating these handicrafts immediately from the craftsmen.

3. Blend with the locals by staying at their home 

a bedroom with single big white bed in Penglipuran homestay
Image by penglipuran.net

If you want to blend in with the locals, you can choose to stay with them at their homes. There are several types of home staying options you could choose from a small-sized home, medium-sized home, or a guest house. The ever-friendly people of Penglipuran village will always welcome those who visit the village with open arms, as long as you keep following their etiquette while staying there.

4. Enjoy the taste of local cuisine

a plate of tipat cantok

Your trip wouldn’t be complete without tasting the culinary delights of Penglipuran village. The local cuisines that you should try in this village are tipat cantok and loloh cemcem. Tipat cantok is a food made from ketupat, Indonesian rice cake, which is cut up and mixed with various boiled vegetables and stirred with peanut sauce. Meanwhile, loloh cemcem is a traditional drink of Penglipuran village which is made up of assorted herbs that produce a bold green color. All the more reason to check out this fascinating village!

5. Head out to the village’s sacred bamboo forest

a road in a bamboo forest

About a hundred meters outside of Penglipuran village, you can traverse a beautiful 45-hectare bamboo forest by foot or by riding a bicycle. The bamboo forest offers a lot of awesome photo spots to look out for. As a part of the Parhyangan area, the locals considered this bamboo forest as a sacred place. In an effort to respect their ancestors, the locals strived to maintain a balance between humans and their environment by protecting this sacred bamboo forest at all costs.

Indeed, embarking on a village tour can be a truly relieving experience especially for those who are searching for a getaway from urban living or those who have a desire to learn about authentic Balinese culture. If you want to know more about tourist villages, do check out other villages in Indonesia that also offer an immersive tourism village experience.

Want to gather more information about Penglipuran village? You can immediately contact the village’s management, Bapak I Nengah Moneng (082144557667).

As always, never forget to always comply with the existing safety health protocols such as wearing your mask in public spaces, keeping your distance from others, washing your hands regularly, avoiding crowded places, as well as minimizing your mobility.