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Best Disability-Friendly Travel Destinations in Jakarta

Indonesia is blessed with abundant natural and cultural features that make the archipelago filled with countless fantastic destinations. Some of these destinations have even become inclusive. Committed to providing the best experiences to all of its visitors, Indonesia has prepared several facilities and services that can accommodate travelers with disabilities.

In the capital city of Jakarta, many of its popular destinations are accessible for travelers with certain disabilities or health conditions. If you’re looking to visit interesting destinations that are disability-friendly for your next trip, then look no further than these five places below!


1.  Istiqlal Mosque


Standing at Jalan Taman Wijaya Kusuma in Central Jakarta right across from the old Catholic Church, this magnificent and elegant mosque is Jakarta’s symbol of religious tolerance. Officiated on February 22, 1978, by the first President of Indonesia, Soekarno, the Istiqlal Mosque was designed in 1954 by a Christian architect from North Sumatra, Frederich Silaban. Meaning “independence” in Arabic, the mosque is equipped with disability-friendly facilities. A wheelchair-friendly lane is available at the mosque's entrance. Guides have been put along the floors to the elevators that lead to the main places of worship. The elevators themselves are also installed with audio aids for hearing-impaired visitors.


2.  National Monument (Monas)


The symbol of Jakarta, the National Monument or Monas is another disability-friendly destination you need to check out. Located at the heart of the city, this popular landmark has been favored by many since long ago. Its 80-hectare park is suitable for relaxing strolls or morning jogs. Under the 132-meter-high monument, there's the National History Museum, where you can delve into the history of Indonesia. Travelers with disabilities can explore Monas easily. The guards here can help you to navigate the area. Ramps and special elevators for wheelchair users are available within the museum.


3.  Taman Mini Indonesia Indah


Set foot at one of the famous destinations in Jakarta that has recently been revamped. Located in East Jakarta, Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII), is a recreational, cultural, and educational spot packed into a single expansive park. As you enter the park, neatly arranged roads and widened sidewalks that are disability-friendly will greet your arrival. Many attractions are available for you to see here. Miniatures of Indonesian traditional houses can be found within this legendary park. There are several museums holding a wide range of unique historical objects. Flora and fauna sites are also worth visiting if you’d like to witness stunning plants and creatures.


4.  Lapangan Banteng Park


Seeking another disability-friendly park in Jakarta? Have a look at Lapangan Banteng Park. Can be found in the Sawah Besar area in Central Jakarta, this park is home to one of Jakarta’s iconic statues, namely the Irian Jaya Liberation Monument. The lush trees surrounding the park are perfect for those who are looking to refresh their mind. Every weekend at night, you can also enjoy a dancing fountain show here. The ramps available around the park allow visitors with disabilities to roam easily. In addition, disability-friendly toilets are also provided here.


5.  Tebet Eco Park


If you need more disability-friendly park recommendations that can uplift the mood in Jakarta, then Tebet Eco Park (TEP) can be another good choice for you. The sloping and wide lanes here allow wheelchair users to navigate freely in this 7-hectare park. Located in South Jakarta, Tebet Eco Park is dedicated to the betterment of the city’s environment. Its serene atmosphere makes Tebet Eco Park a suitable place for exercise and socializing. Around here, you can find several attractions which include the Thematic Garden, Community Lawn, Infinity Link Bridge, Wetland Boardwalk, and a children’s playground. Take some pictures around the bridge which lights up beautifully at night, or enjoy a fresh breeze under the green trees.


These are some of the best spots in Jakarta that are disability-friendly. There are still many more amazing spots around the city that accommodate those who have disabilities. Nobody is left behind to enjoy the incredible tourism experience of Indonesia.

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About to plan your trip to Jakarta? Get to know about the latest international travel regulations to enter Indonesia beforehand. Keep up with the CHSE (Cleanliness, Health, Safety, and Environment Sustainability) health protocol as you explore the city.

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