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5 Luxurious Travel Ideas in Indonesia You Deserve to Experience


After endless busy schedules and meetings, you deserve a quality vacation amongst nature. Reward all that hard work with some luxury traveling in Indonesia. Discover Mother Nature’s best with its pearlescent sand and striking blue water. Then glimpse the panoramic landscape in the middle of the lush forest. You’ll enjoy exclusive and personalized services in top-quality destinations! It’s a whole other level of pampering in Indonesia.

To inspire your future traveling plans, here are 5 high-end trip ideas you can consider!

1 | Discover a Tropical Paradise with a Private Seaplane Trip at Anambas Island, Riau Islands

Want to glimpse Indonesia’s tropical paradise from the sky? Riding a premium seaplane above Anambas Island is the trip idea for you! This luxury travel lets you fly and experience a bird’s-eye view of the country. It cuts back traveling time so you spend much more time experiencing Anambas Islands.

A site that screams out luxury is Bawah Island. It offers an exclusive getaway, secluded in the island’s stunning lagoons. One particular resort being the Bawah Reserve. Enjoy different sleeping experiences with their many options, like over bungalows, two-bedroom pool villas, beach suites, jungle lodges, and garden suites. Experience diving and snorkeling there, and enjoy its vibrant corals and marine life. Unlike any conventional resort, Bawah Reserve strives to pamper you while also pushing sustainable efforts and practices. Try and spot this glistening white beach and view the panoramic seawater from the seaplane!

Address: Bawah Reserve Anambas Kiabu, Pulau Bawah, Siantan Sel., Kabupaten Kepulauan Anambas, Kepulauan Riau 29791
Social media: bawahreserve

2 | Experience Riding on a Luxury Train to the Java Island

Want to ride in style? A travel idea you can get on are the exclusive trains called Nusantara, Bali, and Toraja. Just like a luxurious hotel, this train boasts facilities like LCD TV, comfortable seating, a mini bar, and even a karaoke system. Each train offers a different design interior, presenting different ambiance based on their names.

You can ride these trains from Gambir, Jakarta; Bandung, West Java; and Surabaya, East Java. However, the end destinations vary from different points around Java, including Cirebon, Pekalongan, Semarang, Purwokerto, Yogyakarta, Solo, Surabaya, Malang, Bandung, and many others!

3 | An Escapade Retreat Amongst the Lush Trees at Mesastila Resort & Spa, Central Java

The refreshing atmosphere of Indonesia’s nature can always rejuvenate you! Try a trip idea to Mesastila Resort & Spa. Step into their villas and let the stunning landscape of Magelang greet you! View the spectacular mountain and breathtaking scenery of Central Java’s countryside in its Arum, Ambar, and Bella Vista villas. Feel a sense of comfort as you observe its art collections, showcased on their unique wooden interior. These villas are also spacious, offering comfort from 80 to 570 square meters!

While in the resort, treat yourself to their Hammam Spa. They offer several treatments from Yoga, Sole to Soul Foot Massage, Arabian Nights, Royal Mesastila Detox, and The Spirit of Java. Some of these treatments even offer a child’s menu for your little ones to enjoy, too. A completion to any family’s dream of a luxury retreat!

Address: Desa Losari - Grabag PO BOX 108 56100 Magelang, Central Java, Indonesia
Social media: mesastila

4 | Feel-Good Glamping by the Beach at Menjangan Dynasty Resort, Bali

Bring the luxury of glamping to the beach with Menjangan Dynasty Resort. Unlike any ordinary glamping site, each tent boasts a robust double-skinned canvas from South Africa. This creates an ambiance of nature while the canvas’s high-class material keeps you cool all through the night. Its “safari club style” design meets high-level comfort!

Feel completely snug in its bed while enjoying its facilities. This includes a flat-screen TV, DVD players, minibar, air conditioner, in-tent bathrooms, and tea & coffee maker. Sounds like the perfect place to spoil yourself, don’t you think?

This glamping resort is located in Pejarakan Village, near Pasir Putih Gerokgak Beach. It’s about a 3-hour drive from Bali Ngurah Rai International Airport.

Address: Desa Pejarakan – Gerokgak, Buleleng, North West Bali 81155
Social media: menjangandynastyresort

5 | Luxurious Live on Board Trip in Labuan Bajo, East Nusa Tenggara

a luxurious boat sailing in the komodo islands indonesia

Who’s up for a live on board trip in Labuan Bajo? Live on board or LOB is a way for you to enjoy the island’s stunning seashores and unspoiled landscape. Since it’s conveniently created for those who prefer a private escapade, this trend is currently making paradise-seekers excited. Don’t worry about finding accommodation places, LOB offers transportation with a comfortable place for you to sleep in. Most boats facilitate air conditioned rooms and an en suite bathroom, all the basic needs of a pampered journey. Get a chance to completely absorb Labuan Bajo’s scenic nature while floating in the soothing waters.

Start your journey from Labuan Bajo Port, a 10-minute car drive from the airport, and take a liveaboard or live-on-board trip. From there, you can start your island-hopping adventure! Begin your trip with some breathtaking views in Pulau Kelor. There, you can soak up the sun in its hidden gem beach and completely unwind. Next on the itinerary is some exciting activities in Pulau Rinca. Try trekking up its hills and enjoy the glorious golden sunset while meeting the last dragon on Earth, komodo dragons. Pink Beach is also a great choice to experience the beauty of Komodo National Park. Want more trip ideas on a dream adventure in the national park? Click here for the full itinerary!


There’s nothing better than to experience luxury amongst nature. Whether floating above the pristine waters or traveling to the middle of a lush forest, Indonesia boasts it all! It defines the true meaning of luxury meets experience.

If you’re currently planning your getaway trip to the country, be mindful of its health protocols. Indonesia prioritizes the CHSE (Cleanliness, Health, Safety, and Environmental Sustainability) protocols. So be sure to come prepared as you experience dreamy trip ideas in Indonesia.