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4 Interesting Things That Happened during World Tourism Day 2022!

This year, there are so many special events taking place in Indonesia. Aside from earning a chance to hold the presidency of G20 2022, the archipelago was also trusted to lead the celebration of World Tourism Day 2022. Initiated by the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) in 1970, World Tourism Day is an annual event organized to support the tourism sector across the world. It also acts as a platform for promoting local attractions.

Held in Bali on September 27 with the theme of “Rethinking Tourism,” this year’s World Tourism Day invited everyone to strive for more sustainable and inclusive tourism.  Let’s take a look at the interesting things that happened along the course of the event below!


1. The Bali Guidelines, Results of The G20 Tourism Working Group and Tourism Ministerial Meeting 


Various fascinating events were held during this year’s World Tourism Day. Two of the most important events that happened were the 2nd G20 Tourism Working Group and Tourism Ministerial Meeting. These meetings resulted in an agreement which will serve as a guide for the G20 members to encourage the recovery of global tourism. Named “The Bali Guidelines,” this guide can be fundamental in the improvement of the global tourism sector, to make it more sustainable and inclusive. The main key to achieving this is by strengthening local communities, as well as small and medium enterprises, to be the agents of change in tourism. The Bali Guideline itself contains five lines of actions that have been previously discussed with G20 member countries and UNWTO for more than a year.

These lines of actions consists of human capitals related to education, entrepreneurship, skills, as well as education. The first action focuses on how human resources should be able to observe the market, create new jobs, and bring value to their products or services. The second action highlights the importance of innovation, digitalization, and creativity. The third action emphasizes the role of women and youth empowerment. The fourth action insists on climate action, biodiversity conservation, and circular economy efforts. Lastly, the fifth action addresses policies, governances, and investments which can support the previous actions.


2. Eco Activities : Planting Mangrove


During the 2nd G20 Tourism Working Group kick-off, the Chair of G20 Tourism Working Group, Frans Teguh, handed over some mangrove seedlings to UNWTO representatives, namely the former Head of Delegate (HoD) of the G20, Italy, and the next Head of Delegate (HoD) of the G20, India. This move was made as a symbolic gesture, marking the efforts to make a far more sustainable and inclusive tourism. The Indonesian government has taken numerous actions to prevent climate change. With the help of the public, local communities, and private sectors, Indonesia is aiming to achieve low carbon emissions and climate resilience by 2050. Mangrove itself is one of the top three carbon-sequestering plants on Earth, absorbing much more carbon dioxide (CO2) than other vegetation. The government also hopes that this handover procession can also raise awareness about environmental protection, especially in tourist destinations.

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3. Tour to Penglipuran Village


As the World Tourism Day rolled around, the Indonesian government also took the delegations on a field trip to one of Bali’s leading tourism villages, Penglipuran. Boasting extraordinary culture and nature, as well as warm hospitality, the village has earned several awards. One of them is the third cleanest tourist village in the world, awarded by the Green Destinations Foundation. The delegations were impressed with the charm of Penglipuran. "The UNWTO Secretary General, Mr. Zurab, was very impressed with the beauty of Penglipuran Tourism Village and had time to ask why it wasn't included in the UNWTO Best Tourism Village event yet. With the encouragement from the Secretary General, we will do a follow up on the next event,” said Sandiaga Uno, Indonesia’s Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, during the field trip. The presence of these delegates is expected to encourage the locals to improve the quality of their tourism business.


4. World Tourism Day Celebration Video


Another highlight from the celebration of World Tourism Day 2022 you have to know is the screening of a special video presented to ignite the spirit of “Rethinking Tourism.” In the video, travelers share their thoughts on the world’s tourism. These travelers explain their impression towards several phenomenons that happen to tourism across the world in their native language. Other than embodying “Rethinking Tourism,” the video was also made to raise awareness about how to be a responsible traveler, environment protection, encourage respect for local culture,  as well as to promote sustainability and inclusivity.


Although the celebration of World Tourism Day 2022 has finished, the spirit to support the world’s tourism should never end. Show your love towards local tourism workforces and promote amazing destinations. Make sure to also change your traveling habits into ones that are more sustainable for a better future!

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