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24 Hours Travel Ideas For You to Explore in Batam

Fancy a fun-filled weekend getaway?

Hop on a ferry and head over to the beautiful island of Batam.

Located almost 20 kilometers from Singapore, this ideal holiday destination is packed with enchanting beach resorts and oodles of outdoor recreational opportunities. The vast array of exhilarating activities in Batam has something to offer for everyone.


Sheer bliss for water sports enthusiasts, the Waterfront City resorts and Nongsa Coast resorts,  along with Batam’s Ski Park and Wake Park, have a great deal of options to choose from:

Have fun with water skiing, strap in for some wakeboarding, satisfy your need for speed with jet skiing, get your heart racing with hydroflying, grab a paddle and go kayaking or bounce across the waves on a banana-boat. Moreover, diving, snorkelling, cruising, and fishing are other great ways to discover the beauty of Batam’s white sandy tropical beaches.

24 Hours Travel Ideas For You to Explore in Batam


Rock wall climbing, paintball, Segway, air-soft gun, flying fox, archery, ATV quad bikes, camping, tennis, cycling, trekking are some of the exciting outdoor land activities that you can opt for when visiting Batam. Or if you wanna challenge the golfer inside you, then you can explore one of the several excellent golf courses that attract avid golfers to this island.

24 Hours Travel Ideas For You to Explore in Batam


After a round of golf, you can head off to the Barelang Bridge in Batam, a must-see iconic landmark. Comprised of a chain of six bridges, this magnificent piece of architecture is known for its spectacular sea views and beautiful sunsets.

A short distance away from the 4th Barelang Bridge, a stairway to Zen, a unique series of hundreds of steps lined by floral carvings, leads to another great scenic retreat, the Pa Auk Tawya Vipassana Dhura Hermitage. Nestled in a hill, this Buddhist monastery brings a feeling of refreshing tranquillity with the stunning scenery surrounding it.

24 Hours Travel Ideas For You to Explore in Batam

Providing a further sense of serenity and cultural insight are the beautifully decorated mosques of Batam. The unique pyramid-shaped dome of Masjid Raya, the biggest mosque in Batam, and the splendid view of Batam from Jabal Arafah Mosque’s tower are two of the not-to-be missed architectural designs.


After some adventure-filled activities & sightseeing, rejuvenate yourself with a quality massage. Surprisingly, you’ll spot a spa or wellness centre almost everywhere in Batam offering a range of treatments. Once you’ve soothed your muscles, it’s time to fuel your body.


The fresh scrumptious seafood is the highlight of the local food scene. The Batam Barelang Seafood Restaurant, Restaurant Sei Enam Seafood Batam, Golden Prawn, and Rezeki Seafood Restaurant are great options to try out. The ambient sea view is an added bonus if you eat at a kelong seafood restaurant.

24 Hours Travel Ideas For You to Explore in Batam


The busy nightlife scene is yet another face of the city. You can hang out at a pub, bar or a club in Nagoya Entertainment District or Waterfront City and enjoy some discotheque, karaoke and live music for a memorable night in Batam.

So whether you’re a beach bum or an adventure enthusiast, you’re looking for exotic culture or stunning scenery, just grab your flip flops and scoot over to Batam for an unforgettable idyllic
tropical island break that’s infused with heaps of fun. (HR)