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10 Things to do In Yogyakarta as a Solo Traveler


As Indonesia adapts to the new normal, the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy takes care of the safety of travelers by implementing Cleanliness, Health, Safety, and Environmental sustainability (CHSE) protocols. During this transition phase, traveling solo is better than traveling with a group to minimize physical contact with other people.

Yogyakarta is one of the best solo travel destinations in Indonesia. It offers a wide variety of attractions and activities for solo travelers who can enjoy cultural tourism, educational tourism, nature tourism, culinary tourism, and much more over here. For newbie solo travelers, here’s a list of activities to do in Yogyakarta:

1| Enjoy the Nighttime Atmosphere of Jogja Monument

Solo Traveler

Located in the heart of the city, Jogja Monument or Tugu Pal Putih is an important landmark in Yogyakarta. Built three centuries ago, this historical icon has a unique design on the top which looks like a unicorn’s horn. No wonder this spot is on everyone's bucket list. Travelers usually visit the Jogja Monument to take spectacular nighttime photos. Afterwards,, they can take a walk around the monument and buy some street food.

2| Stroll Around Malioboro Street

Solo Traveler

Malioboro Street, Yogyakarta, is a popular destination among domestic and international tourists because they love the magical atmosphere of Malioboro. This spot can be easily accessed by private or public transportation and is considered safe for solo travelers. Take an evening stroll, buy batik and souvenirs from the street vendors, or simply sit and enjoy the atmosphere. You can also try some traditional food here.

3| Delve into Javanese Culture at Ullen Sentalu Museum

Solo Traveler

Ullen Sentalu is an incredible museum in Yogyakarta. It is located quite far from downtown Yogyakarta, close to Mount Merapi. This museum has great historical collections of Mataram royal heritage, hence you can learn a lot about the Mataram Kingdom. A tour guide will take you around and tell the history of each collection. Another interesting feature of this museum is its exquisite architecture.  This museum is really worth a stop.

4| Have Fun at Alun-Alun Kidul

Solo Traveler

Spend a fun night in Yogyakarta; visit Alun-Alun Kidul. Besides trying the scrumptious street food, travelers can play an old game here called masangin. In this game, they have to walk blindfolded between two banyan trees. There is a myth that only a person with a pure heart will win this challenge. So are you interested in trying this traditional game?

5| Eat the Best Gudeg in Wijilan

Solo Traveler

Gudeg is one of the favorite foods of travelers visiting Yogyakarta. The legendary Sentra Gudeg Wijilan is a famous place to eat gudeg. People call it the gudeg center. Once you’ve tasted the gudeg in Wijilan, you will want to come back again and again. You can also buy dried gudeg as a gift for your friends and family. Wijilan is surrounded by many tourist attractions, so you can walk around after enjoying some gudeg

6| Witness the Gorgeous Sunset in Ratu Boko

Solo Traveler

Sleman Regency has some well-preserved historical sites and Ratu Boko is one of them. You will be amazed by its splendid architecture. It offers a wonderful view, especially during sunset. You can take amazing photos here. Make sure that the weather is good and you reach this spot before 4 p.m. to capture some impressive photos.

7| Chill Out At the Beautiful Beaches in Gunung Kidul

Solo Traveler

Situated on the southern coast of Java, Yogyakarta offers many beautiful beaches located close to one another in the Gunung Kidul Regency; hence it’s easy to explore various beaches in a day. You can enjoy activities such as snorkeling and swimming, eat some delicious seafood, or if you want to try something challenging, then you can come to Sinden Beach and Kalong Island. In this spot, visitors are challenged to walk across the thrilling suspension bridge that stretches over the sea.

8| Explore the Yogyakarta Palace

Solo Traveler

Home of the Sultan of Yogyakarta and his family, this palace has been passed from generation to generation. The history and architecture of the Yogyakarta Palace attract various kinds of travelers. It also has a museum displaying collections of royal artifacts. UNESCO declared this palace as a World Heritage Site. It’s a popular attraction that you cannot miss on your trip to Yogyakarta.

9| Capture Instagenic Photos in Mangunan Pine Forest

Solo Traveler

Mangunan Pine Forest in Bantul is a popular spot among millennials. The stunning greenery, fresh air, and wonderful views make everyone fall in love with this forest. Mangunan Pine Forest also offers some amazing photography spots and you can take lots of photos with gorgeous backgrounds. So bring your best camera and pose for some unforgettable pictures.

10| Shop at Beringharjo

Solo Traveler

It’s shopping time! Visit Pasar Beringharjo to buy clothes, batik, and other souvenirs at low price. Local people say that Beringharjo is heaven for batik lovers where a wide variety of batik is available in a wide range of prices. Located near Malioboro Street, this market can be visited in the morning or afternoon as it closes at night.


Yogyakarta is the best option for solo travel. It has historical places, beautiful nature, shopping centers, tasty food, and unique spots to explore. Don't forget to follow all the health protocols during the trip. Always wear a mask, wash hands, and practice physical distancing to minimize the risk of COVID-19.