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10 Exciting Jakarta Shopping Spree Experiences


Whether you are a fanatic for exclusive brands, seek prime quality products, or are the bulk and bargain shopping enthusiast, or simply among those who simply enjoy the pleasure of shopping, Jakarta is definitely the place for you. For aside from being the seat of government and the main center for business activities, Jakarta is the nation’s capital for shopping, offering a plethora of things to buy and places to choose from.

Jakarta definitely has everything for everyone, from high-end exclusive malls, haute couture fashion boutiques, shops of luxurious and distinctly exceptional items, to Wholesale centers for bulk shopping, and folk markets for special goods. Furthermore, the wide variety of items that you can buy in Jakarta is absolutely mind-boggling, from the best of local handicrafts, popular and top-notch fashion products, accessories & decorations, to unique souvenirs, gifts and a whole lot more.

As a paradise for shoppers, Jakarta often holds a city-wide shopping Festival, highlights of which are the Jakarta Great Sale and the Indonesia Discount Shopping Days which offer spectacular discounts and an array of intriguing bonuses and special offers.

So, while you are in the city, here are among some of the most tempting shopping destinations in Jakarta, with everything under one roof, that you definitely need to visit:

1 | Plaza Senayan

10 Exciting Jakarta Shopping Spree Experiences

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Built-in 1996, this high-end mall is strategically located near the Gelora Bung Karno Grand Sports Complex right in the heart of the city. This is where you can find an array of high-end brands from Zara to Dolce Gabbana. It also has two of the largest interconnected department stores on both sides of the mall, the Metro Department Store at the south end and Sogo Department Store at its north side.

If you are looking for books, Kinokuniya in Plaza Senayan is the country's largest foreign bookstore. There are also plenty of luxurious restaurants and cafes to be tried out in the mall. In the middle of the lobby, watch out for the giant musical clock that will play its jingle every hour.

Across the road is Senayan City mall, another giant mall that offers everything from top brands to cozy dining and hangouts. 

2 | Pondok Indah Mall

10 Exciting Jakarta Shopping Spree Experiences

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Often referred to by its acronym “PIM”, Pondok Indah Mall is a large shopping complex located in the exclusive suburb of Pondok Indah in South Jakarta. The complex consists of three large malls:  3-storey PIM 1, 5-storey PIM2, and the newer Street Gallery interconnected via two elevated multi-storey pedestrian walkways

(Skywalk North and Skywalk South) which also are tenanted by specialty shops. PIM 1 and PIM 2 offer a wide range of fashion products, accessories, as well as beauty products, housewares, and more. Meanwhile, at the street gallery, you can take a bite of assortments of Indonesia’s culinary delights. In PJM3 are restaurants serving delicious rib soup to wines, and Japanese delicacies. 

3 | Grand Indonesia Shopping Town

10 Exciting Jakarta Shopping Spree Experiences

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Located by the iconic landmark that is Hotel Indonesia Roundabout (Bundaran HI), Grand Indonesia is a premium mall that offers International shopping experience and a wide range of fashion apparel, restaurants, and entertainment choices.

The complex consists of the East Mall and West Mall linked by the Sky Bridge covering a total area of 263.226 square meters. Among many others, here you can browse for a number of well-known international fashion brands such as Pull & Bear, Levi’s, Mothercare, ELC, Justice, Dr.Marten, Uniqlo, and more, and most importantly here you also find Indonesian handicraft in silver to the finest batiks and Songket cloths.

Grand Indonesia is not only a haven for fashionistas but also a paradise for those who love to eat. With a total number of more than a hundred F&B tenants, you will never run out of choices of places to eat.

4 | Taman Anggrek Mall

10 Exciting Jakarta Shopping Spree Experiences

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When it first opened in 1996, Taman Anggrek Mall or translated as The Orchid Park Mall is claimed to be the largest mall in Southeast Asia. Located at Grogol Petamburan, West Jakarta, The Mall is also adorned with a huge LED façade which is said to be the largest in the world.

Nestled within eight residential towers and home to an array of more than 400 specialized stores and renowned international brands, this seven-storey 360,000 sqm center is the destination of choice for affluent, sophisticated trendsetters seeking a uniquely rewarding retail adventure.

The mall also boasts Southeast Asia's first indoor ice rink and more than 10 exhibition areas.

5 | Pasar Baru

10 Exciting Jakarta Shopping Spree Experiences

Image by https://mapio.net

Literally translated as “The New Market”, Pasar Baru is actually one of the oldest shopping centers in the city, having been built in 1820. Today, even after many years, Pasar Baru, which is located close to Lapangan Banteng and Kemayoran still maintains its past popularity.

Observe the range of shops, many owned by those of Indian descent living in Jakarta, for which, it is sometimes called “little India”. Pasar Baru Street which is open only to pedestrian traffic is lined with numerous shops, restaurants, and several shopping centers.

Most of the shops here sell textiles, shoes, clothes and other fashion items, such as sportswear, watches, and jewelry. While the shopping centers on the north side specialize in selling cosmetics, cameras and photographic products.

6 | Tanah Abang Market

10 Exciting Jakarta Shopping Spree Experiences

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When it comes to wholesale and bulk shopping, Tanah Abang Market is definitely the ultimate hotspot. Located in the center of the city, just around the corner of Sudirman Avenue, Tanah Abang has been famous for centuries for its wholesale and raw materials.

Cheapest of the cheap – very famous for resale - it has a massive range of products, especially in textile and garments. With over 13,000 kiosks and 75,000 shoppers per day, Tanah Abang is recognized as the largest textile and garment wholesale center in Southeast Asia.

With over 5 shopping areas (with block A and Block B as the main areas), Tanah Abang is an extremely massive shopping area, so if you are here for the first time, be aware of your surroundings since you can easily get lost.

7 | Mangga Dua International Trade Center (ITC)

10 Exciting Jakarta Shopping Spree Experiences

Image by https://industri.kontan.co.id

This is indeed a shopping paradise, the favorite destination, not only for domestic visitors but also for those from neighboring Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand, where the gamut of imported and domestic products are available.

Here, you will find anything you may need, from imported winter clothes, boots, to flimsy underwear, fashion wear, perfumes, baby's outfits to fridge magnets and other small souvenirs in bulk that you may want to give out as your token of thanks for weddings guests.

When you decide to visit Mangga Dua, better have ready your shopping list, preferably buy in bulk like this, in fact, is a wholesale area.

8 | Pasar Asemka

10 Exciting Jakarta Shopping Spree Experiences

Image by  https://journal.sociolla.com

Situated near the old Batavia complex, Pasar Asemka (or Asemka Market) is a unique folk market that specializes in toys and a variety of wedding souvenirs. The market offers a lively atmosphere and a chance to put your bargaining skills into action since it is the only way to get the best price.

Many consider Pasar Asemka a paradise for toys shopping since here prices are significantly cheaper. For those looking for accessories and jewelry, the basement floor offers a variety of rings, necklaces, bracelets, and more.

9 | Pasar Mayestik

10 Exciting Jakarta Shopping Spree Experiences

Image by  http://www.thejakartapost.com

Built-in the 1980’s, Pasar Mayestik (Mayestik Market) is a legendary market of the city which has been revamped in 2010 to change the muddy, hot traditional market into a modern, air-conditioned building.

The market is located on JalanTebah, Kebayoran Baru, and South Jakarta.  Pasar Mayestik is a haven for textiles and one of the oldest shops, La' Mode, built in the 1980s, has become a favorite among Indonesia's famous fashion designers.

Located near the entrance of the market, it sells various local and imported fabrics. Other legendary shops at Pasar Mayestik are Esa Mokan that is located not too far from La' Mode; Budi Mulia which provides cosmetics from a range of brands. And Esa Genangku that mainly sells clothes for families.

10 | Pasar Rawa Bening / Jakarta Gems Center

10 Exciting Jakarta Shopping Spree Experiences

Image by https://www.liputan6.com

Previously known as Pasar Rawa Bening, the Jakarta Gems Center in Jatinegara, East Jakarta is a true haven for those who love all kinds of sparkling gemstones. Whether you’re celestite or opal obsessed, you will definitely discover tons of precious treasures here.

Sitting on 10,866 square meters of land, this four-level shopping center hosts more than 1,000 traders and claims to be one of the biggest gemstone centers in Southeast Asia. Feast your eyes on an array of natural gemstones such as rubies, sapphires, emeralds, jade, amethysts, opals, and more.

If you want them polished, Pasar Rawa Bening can do that on the spot for you too. Cutting and polishing gems are done using traditional methods. You’ll also discover strands of readymade gem beads, rings, earrings, and bracelets but there are also gemstone traders who sell their goods on open tables, in true old-fashioned market style.


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